Friday, January 24, 2014

Apple's iOS 7

Ok jap, how do I do this?

I am currently typing this post from my iPad Mini. No, no. Bukan nak bagitau yang I baru beli iPad Mini. I da beli few months ago, mainly for my leisure. YouTube, TonTon, Waze, that I tak consume much of my cellphone battery and data usage. As a heavy user of social media, of course having separate tab can be a backup when your cellphone is out of battery. Paling-paling pun mintak tolong from Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. 

Gosh, it takes ages to type this long of must be the touchpad keyboard.

Anyhow I just updated iOS 7.0.4. I may be 'ketinggalan zaman' but I LOVE the new fresh layout!

Cantik kannn...bila first tengok layout 'enter password' tu terus jatuh cinta kali kedua kat iPad *poyo mode comes*

So siapa-siapa yang belum update tu, sila update k? (Ntah rupanya aku sorg je baru update)

p/s: I heard that 'poyo' = innocent. Is that true?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pencinta Novel Melayu

Saya ada seorang kawan ofis berpangkat kakak. Hobi beliau bukan setakat membaca novel-novel Melayu, tetapi juga mengumpulnya. Tak cukup dengan baca dan kumpul, yang mana ada adaptasi ke drama tv semuanya pun tengok. Yang kagum, boleh habiskan bacaan dalam masa yang amat singkat, siap ulang lagi. Yang lagi kagum, novel lama yang baru diadaptasi pun beliau masih boleh ingat jalan ceritanya.

Itulah namanya penangan bila dah minat tu, ada je cara nak buat sampai dapat :-)

Dah lebih 3 kali ikut akak nie ke kedai buku tolong pilih novel. Sebab yang tukang pinjamnya I laa jugak. Kedai yang kami selalu tuju adalah Kedai Buku 1 Malaysia di UTC (juga dikenali sebagai Puduraya) sebab sini ada diskaun 15% dan boleh bayar guna kad kredit. Kedai buku Pustaka Minerva kat Jalan TAR tu diskaun sampai 20% tapi hanya bayaran tunai sahaja diterima.

Bila dah selalu ke Kedai Buku 1 Malaysia sebab boleh bayar dengan kad kredit, agak-agak uols berapa banyak novel akak nie beli sekali pegi?

Mana taknya akak nie jadi supplier novel Melayu untuk I?

Nie kira sikit. Sekejap je habis nie. Usually beliau akan buat sedikit research dan review tentang mana novel yang best. Siap ada list ok. Ada laa jugak tersasar dari list bila I tolong suggest novel yang nampak menarik lepas baca sinopsis dan jugak suggestions novel bestseller di kaunter bayaran. Masa tu mulalah rambang mata nak pilih mana satu untuk cukupkan bajet.

Dalam 9 buah novel di dalam gambar, salah satunya I yang punye. Kalau rajin, tekalah yang mana satu.

Monday, January 6, 2014

The nRelate for blogger and Mama's birthday celebration with durians

I was reading my previous blog posts picked by nRelate (substitute plug-in to LinkWithin) at the end of every post. I chose to read the old posts back in 2008 and 2009, when I was super active in blogging, when blogging and blog-hopping were the in-thing, and you keep receiving comments from your blog followers @ friends. Ah, those days...

And I was like,

"Oh man, I can't believe I wrote those entries?"

"My English was so smooth back then"

"What an emotional entry.."

At one point, I decided to stop 'exposing' my life through blogging. I thought some things better kept untold, coz I know myself who loves to share about every single thing happening in her life like not impacting other's. But hey, that was silly me who can't control herself. I am in better control now.

But yesterday (here you go again), it is my mom's birthday! I just cannot not sharing this. (Oh my English).

Yeah, nowadays my English is getting poorer. Please bear with me while I'm improving. Hey, that's the benefits of blogging in English! Although of course I will blog in Malay some.

Back to my mom's birthday story, 5th January of every year is her day. That morning, she was on her way back to KL from Kedah when me and my sister were googling restaurants for dinner celebration. While we were finalizing places, my eldest brother whatsapp-ed me on my plan for our beloved mother. He said that he and family were at One Utama. Called my mother on her locations and she was near Simpang Pulai, planning to buy durians! Ok, that was quite near to KL already. I told mom that brother and family is coming over for lunch, so I cancelled the dinner plan, informed my brother on lunch celebration instead.  

Choosing lunch menu is super easy. Call Domino's Pizza.

Birthday cake? Nah, that was so common. We had better substitute. 

Durians, rambutans, mangosteens. Bought by the birthday girl.

So much for a mother's birthday celebration. We <3 you Mama!

Wanna try using nRelate instead of LinkWithin to increase blog traffic? Click here for complete tutorial.

Friday, January 3, 2014

How I spend my new year in 2014

1. Trying to be creative, setting up my own blogger header

The domain has expired. I decided to stick with my original domain Somehow it sounds more friendly to me.

To challenge myself for a fresh-2014-new-blog-look, I wanna try designing my own blogger header. Thanks to PicMonkey photo editor and tutorial from this blog, this so-not-creative-person manage to create one. An amateur looking one is already a success for a first timer. The current header is the second design which the idea came when I was taking a bath. Good ideas always come in the shower huh?

This is my first design:

 I always regard myself as a non-creative person. This new year has changed my perspective. Never thought I have hidden talent in designing. I believe with right guidance, my talent can go far. I just need to prove myself more than this.

2. Finishing up a Malay novel

Borrowed this novel from a colleague like two months ago. At that time I was searching for an activity that can brighten up my life while waiting for my Candy Crush gaining its full live. Since I did addicted to reading Malay novels before and claimed that my hobby is reading, I think it is time to have my hobby back. Looks like I took longer time than usual to finish up ONE Malay novel. Don't get me wrong, the novel is a very good story though. I did cry few times at reading it. It's just that bigger things than limited lives of Candy Crush happened that requires more of my attention. However I told myself to complete reading and return it back by 2nd January 2014. Focus and reading it with passion and full of heart, it reaches the owner's hand a day later because the owner was on leave. Nevertheless, I did it! Yeay Alhamdulillah. Another achievement for me.

3. Blog spring cleaning

Orang Melayu kata "bersihkan sawang". And that's what I did. Customizing, changing layout here and there, deciding on two-column or three-column blog etc etc. I just want my blog to be as simple and legible as it can be. Three column blog might just seemed to be "full", but as at today I found it the best way to differentiate my personal on the right, and things that I suitably use and want to share with all beautiful readers out there on the left. Repeat, ONLY the things that I use BEST. Not surprisingly, it's from the same label..BUT..more product sharing from different label coming on way, insyaAllah. Sharing for the sake of people who are unknowingly having the same problems challenges as I am before and still. Unstable hormones.

So that's about it on how my new year day was filled. I am hoping a blessed and prosperous year for myself and family.

Let's kick off 2014!

New Year fireworks from The Curve at the front of my house. Source: instagram @iynasomar