Saturday, August 15, 2015

I still remember the feeling on that Friday..

29 May 2015 (Friday).

I still remember that day. 

Two days after we were formally introduced and say 'hi' to each other. 

A day after he requested to befriend me on Facebook. 

Around 10am - my office phone rang. It was an ex-colleague from the my previous working department. He said he wanted to ask me a personal question. I was like..okay..what is it..he asked me whether I was single coz there was someone, his friend who would like to ask me out for dinner in one of those days and would like to get to know me better. I asked him 2 questions - who and how old is he - coz if that person is younger than me, i would like to ensure that he is aware that I'm older than him. Apparently he is younger than me and the friend said he doesn't mind about age. He further asked whether he can share my number with the friend. And i said yes..

Around 12pm (lunch time) - me and a friend had a plan to go to Sogo, but she had to withdraw some money first, so i waited for her at the Bank's lobby, near Starbucks. While i was waiting, somehow I had a feeling that I would bump into him, and just when I felt that, there he was, walking to his friend nearby. I couldn't help to look at him walking, and I knew he did glance over me too. Yeay? Hihi. 

After Friday prayers - received first whatsapp from him introducing himself and saying thank you for accepting his friend request on Facebook. I replied and after a while again I couldn't help to search his profile on Instagram. I clicked 'Follow'!

Around 4pm - received whatsapps from him asking me if I would be free to go out and have dinner with him over the weekend. Without hesitating, I said yes! After all I did not have any plans over those weekends. Coincidence?

Around 8.30pm - we whatsapped each other till both of us fell sleepy. I remember those days I was still attached to Soda Crush Saga game apps :p

And the rest, becomes the sweetest memories - ever - insyaAllah :)