Sunday, July 6, 2014

Western Food Murah at Station 21 Bangsar

It was the fifth day of Ramadhan. That day the three of us decided not to have rice as our iftaar menu, since rice had been our main dish for the whole four days of sahur and iftaar. We didn't know what to have until later that afternoon my cousin whatsapp-ed me confessing on her craving for western dish. A friend was saying "baru hari kelima da nak makan western". Opss. 

My cousin and her friend are here (and still) in KL as practical students, hence I must understand their budget constraint despite of their craving for western food. At first I was thinking of Fish & Co or at least Secret Recipe, when suddenly my mind recalled of a humble western restaurant in Bangsar called Station 21. 

A friend bought me there once, and I must say it was definitely a non-disappointing experience. Delicious yet very affordable. (Although at this point of writing this entry, a friend claimed that Murni SS2 is better. Will save it for future review). 

And so after Maghrib we went. Station 21 is located at an open-door food court, next to Bangsar Village, besides a car shop (i think it's a used car shop), and near to Masjid Saidina Abu Bakar. It is a very humble place. I believe it was once the most popular food court centre. 

As expected, the restaurant was almost full. We managed to secure a table of three Alhamdulillah. Memang rezeki budak-budak tengah study hihi. 

We ordered:
1. Fish & Chips - RM14.00
2. Black Pepper Chicken Grill - RM13.00 (awesome black pepper sauce!)
3. Bolognaise pasta - can't recall the price but worth the big portion. 

There are 3 sizes of fresh fruit juice. Big, medium and small. My fresh orange in medium size. 

Food presentation is humble, but being off-set by its great taste. Try it! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Making Own Pizza for Iftaar

Alhamdulillah, done deliver sabun cerah ketiak aka Marine Essence Beauty Bar after terawih today. Satu ke TTDI, satu ke Damansara Damai. Sorang nak kawen bulan depan, sorang ada eczema.  Alhamdulillah permintaan untuk sabun Marine Essence tak pernah putus sebab benefitnya untuk kulit sensitif dan eczema selain mencerahkan bahagian yang nak dicerahkan :-)

That's about sabun. Actually nak cerita pasal pizza buatan sendiri sebagai menu berbuka puasa di hari kedua. 

Penuh topping kan? Kat kedai tak dapat toppings banyak macam nie. Tapi kurang warna-warni laa. Heheheh. 

- isi ayam
- nenas
- bawang
- cendawan
- mozzarella cheese

- tomato puree
- cheese & herb

Pizza base:-
- beli kat kedai

Heh. Ngelat rupenye kan. Takdelah pizza buatan sendiri sepenuhnya. Next attempt nak try buat base sendiri pulak. 

First time buat sendiri, buat dua loyang habis dimakan 4 orang! Sangat laa not bad kan although more room for improvement. 

Looking forward for next DIY Pizza!