Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tinta pena Luh Mahfuz telah lama mengering

Dalam erti kata lain, yakin dengan qada' dan qadar Allah. 

The trip to New Zealand was supposed to be cancelled. Although dah beli tiket since bulan 4 before i knew him. Coz the plan was to get married early next year i.e. 2016. So we need to manage the financial. I had actually received the refund of the trip. 

Takdir Allah yang mengizinkan sama ada sesuatu berlaku ataupun tidak. 

Tak jadi kahwin, proceed with the trip. Alhamdulillah the tour management was very kind enough to receive my last minute payment. 

Sesungguhnya perancangan Allah tu amat cantik. Walaupun ada dugaan my visa almost tak lepas di airport before departure sebab tukar pasport last minute (due to less than 6 months expiry date from the travel date), dan masa nak balik tu i tak check-in lagi even da one hour to the next flight coz flight delayed and i takleh buat website check-in coz of different passport number (thanks to dear friend dan sekumpulan group trip yg menghadapi masalah sama dan sudi terima saya join group check-in anda). Despite of all the challenges, Allah izinkan saya bergumbira sepuasnya di New Zealand dan bertemu orang2 yang sangat baik, tak berkira, full of love, sama2 sengal, open minded that makes the trip superly AWESOME!! 

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. 

Of course, it is not as easy to forget. But Allah has made it easy for me. 


I'm smiling, happily. 


To the new love :)

I'll share about the trip and more photos sooner or later, insyaAllah.

Saw him yesterday during a funeral. Unintentionally. I felt nothing. 


"Semua yang telah ditakdirkan dan dikehendaki Allah pasti terjadi" (Al-Hadith)

Thank you Allah for being so kind to me. Jadikanlah aku dari golongan orang yang bersyukur dan bertaubat. 


Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Hardest Part

I won't deny, you're one of the best things happened in my life

Somehow my wish came true

And that's the hardest part..

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kata-kata Mama dan Surah al-Hadid

Two days ago, right after my last post (I wrote the post in the car, on the way back from family outing), surely mama noticed that I haven't smiled for the day. If I did, it was a fake one. 

She hugged me in the car, and said "Sabar, biar orang buat kat kita. Mama dulu pun banyak sabar masa awal-awal arwah Tok Chik (her late MIL) buat macam-macam kat mama. Kak ham masa bercerai pun, lagi down. Dia lagi laa ada 2 orang anak kecik. Iynas nie mama kira bersyukur takat sampai tunang ja.."

I feel a lot better. I start smiling. A genuine one. 

Had a long chat with my cousin. She's younger than me, but I love her advices on why I become like this and what shall I do to make things right again. Then come my sister, advicing me to recite surah al-Hadid (Iron) so that my heart will be as strong as iron. She did the same after she got divorced. 

Right the next day (yesterday), i recited  surah al-Hadid and its translation after Subuh prayer. Besides ease, I could feel my heart became stronger, not yet as iron coz I just read it once, but I could feel the difference. 

Hence later yesterday, my heart strongly felt that I had to do what I had to do. I could feel the strong push to do it, even after consulting my guy best friend (he's married) and he didn't allow me. 

Alhamdulillah Allah made it easy for me, and I did it. 

Lega. Like you used to say it. 

And ouh, on your wish for my happiness in the world, thanks but no thanks, I wish you the same, plus happiness in the life after. 

Just remember, Allah Maha Adil. We need to think on our action towards others might impact us later. Especially when it involves family. What more a mother's feeling. 

What goes around comes around.

And ouh sure, I have moved on. 


Sunday, November 15, 2015

The smile

I have lost mine..

Seems you have not..

Good for you..

I cried at almost every prayer..

Seems like you're already having fun..

Good for you..

All is well, all is well.

A better wish

When you are the one who think that things are worth fighting for, while the other doesn't..

When you are the one who keep trying to make things work, while the other has stopped..

When the other told you that we shall cross the bridge together when the time comes, but you've been left right before we reach the bridge..

It hurts. Deeply. I won't deny. For i am human who's truly and sincerely has fallen in love..

Ironically, the other was the one who went after you, put a lot of efforts and started to be serious about it. And when you had gone head over heels, the other walks away, saying it has run its course. 

Just like that. 

Easy peasy. Easy come, easy go. Heartbreaker. So proud of it, huh.

Of course, everyone has flaws. But walking away is just too easy.

But then I realized, in pursuing human's love, I have slowly strayed away from Him..the connection with Him slowly fades away..

Perhaps with this trial, He is pulling me back to Him, and I shall be grateful and thankful.

Just like in my day-to-day prayers after solah, "Hanya kepada-Mu aku berbalik".

He is actually granting me my wish. A better wish. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

"When I said 'I love you', it was honest and I was't lying, but it has run its course"

At first, I don't understand. Especially when the relationship has been brought over to another level. Of course, when both has shown their readiness towards higher commitment - which means, when family are involved.

No big arguments, except towards the ending week - which I had no idea what or where had I done wrong that made him really angry - he finally ended it.

So i googled "run its course" to further understand what does it mean in a relationship - coz I have never experienced this kind of weird situation - hence these are what I found:-

How To Know When A Relationship Has Run Its Course


No one knows exactly why we like or love the people we do? Every relationship starts of well, but how often do we stay in a relationship even though we are not content in it any more? What are the signs that a relationship has run its course?
Perhaps the real mystery of love is that we cannot explain it in words. We can feel it and experience it and for sure “who feels it knows it”,  but there is no real way to explain it to another.
Science now tells us that the initial attraction, and those powerful elated ‘can’t live without you’ feelings come from a group of neurotransmitters in your brain. You know the feelings I’m talking about, after all we have all experienced that first giddy flush of falling in love.
However real those lovestruck emotions are for us, and whatever blissful future we can imagine, the truth is that at the start of any relationship we are really at the mercy our biochemistry.
These feelings can last for weeks, even years and during that time we are often blind to, or ignore behaviours and traits in our partner that would drive us to distraction in another person. Truthfully, we all know that it takes time to really get to know and love someone and sometimes once we do we realize that we are not such a great fit after all.
What makes some people stay?
The trouble for most of us is that once we are in a relationship we find it hard to walk away and end it. I can put my hand up and say in the past I have stayed in relationships for a bunch of wrong reasons, and when we are frightened of moving on it’s easy to make excuses.
Have you ever worried that you were being too picky, or that no-one else will find your attractive or love you every again?  What about the fear of managing financially on your own, or the feeling of not wanting to hurt someone we care about?
Sometimes you can’t quite pinpoint the problem because nothing is really wrong, but them nothing is really right either so we stay put, craving the excitement of those lovestruck feelings and wondering if there is someone better for us out there.
In a relationship, you should bring out the best in one another – right?  You should grow together. When that stops happening and you feel stuck in a rut, if you value what you have with your partner it makes sense to do your best to get things back on track.  If on the other hand you know you’ve tried everything to make it work, and you are still unhappy it sounds like the relationship has run its course.
I believe that most relationships can be saved with the right techniques – after all, no relationship is a walk in the park. They are hard work, and you need to realise that your partner’s sole job isn’t to make you happy. You need to make yourself happy too – but that’s for a different blog post. Let’s look at  the signs that a relationship has run its course.
1- You don’t do things together
Do you avoid doing things with one another? If you’d rather do things with your friends than with your partner, or even alone, then it’s a sign the relationship is over. In the beginning, you probably would have done anything to spend more time with your partner. When you dread spending time with them, it’s a definite warning sign.
2 – You’ve stopped showing affection
The thought of showing affection to your partner makes you feel dishonest. You can’t hug them, kiss them, or hold hands with them without feeling dishonest. You really struggle to show them your love, and you’ve stopped saying you love them too. If you do say it, it’s only to shut them up.
3- You don’t laugh together any more
Two people in a relationship should laugh together constantly. If their humour now makes you cringe rather than smile, you should re-evaluate being with them.
4 -You’ve stopped talking about your day
I bet there was a time in the relationship where you couldn’t wait to tell your partner everything you’d been up to that day – even if it was just what you had for lunch. These days, you’d rather not speak to them at all. Something as simple as talking about lunch could potentially end in a blazing row.
5 -You forget important dates
Anniversaries and Valentine’s days aren’t as important as they were before. You don’t buy gifts, and you hate the thought of them rolling around. You may go as far as even forgetting your anniversary.
6 -You wish you could change them
You can’t change a person. You knew that when you began the relationship. Still, you wish you could change your partner. Maybe you don’t trust them and suspect them of cheating. GPS tracking is an option, but ask yourself: would you feel happier if you could change that one thing, or would you still find something to get annoyed at?
7 – You’re always arguing
Constant arguments shows problems with communication. If you can’t communicate with one another, you’ll always take things the wrong way. If you’re arguing about things now that happened way in the past, it could be time to call it a day. You can’t argue about the past if you want to move forward!
Being in the wrong relationship can be soul destroying over time and can sap the joy out of out our lives.
Even though ending a relationship can be heartbreaking, especially when you really want to get away for some of us the idea of being alone is hard, but it’s better than being with somebody you’re unhappy with wouldn’t you say?
So to close: I believe love is a lesson. It is a part of life. It could be a good, or id could be a bad, but in general it’s better to experience it, then to never know what it is like to have it in the first place.
 Another one:-

5 signs your relationship has run its course

Does your relationship smell a little past the "best used" date? Do you miss your alone time? It could mean your relationship has run its course. Here are 5 signs that your, once interesting, relationship has lost that loving feeling.

Sometimes people hit a point in their current relationship where they start to evaluate things. They begin to wonder whether or not they want to continue with their current relationship or if they want to seek another one. Not every couple is meant to be, but sometimes determine whether or not it's time to move on can be tough. While commitment in a marriage needs to be taken very seriously, these are some things to consider for those who are still in the dating phase.
  • You're bored

    This is when you hit a point where some things have changed. It is one thing to be comfortable with your significant other, but it's another to be bored. You become apathetic about spending time with him, and you want to do other things. If the relationship has gotten a little tedious, then you can spice things up with going to new places and experiencing new things. But when you're bored with the person, it could be a sign that you're ready to move on.
  • You've grown apart

    After a long time of being in a relationship, things change, and people change. While being together was fun, sometimes you both want to go your separate ways. When communication has dwindled, and you find that you and your partner are heading in different directions, it could be time to call it off. When you begin to focus less and less on the relationship and more on yourselves, communication breaks down, and when that's okay with you, chances are it's over.
  • You crave alone time

    Everyone needs his personal space, but when you want space more than you want to see your partner, it's a red flag. When the other person's presence annoys you, and you just want them to leave, that should tell you something. The Huffington Postsummed this up really well in one sentence: "When not being with her made me happier than being with her." Once you hit this point, it's hard to go back.
  • You think about breaking up

    If you're thinking more and more about what it would be like to be single, then you have already started to take yourself out of it. When you start thinking about what it would be like to date others, those options may pull you closer to the answer you already know: you're looking for a way out. When the thought becomes more like a fantasy, you're going to want to make it come true.
  • You don't see it working in the long run

    You've been with your partner for a while, and while things have been good, you can't see things going long term. This may be a sign to end it. Plenty of people have relationships that work well until the question of long-term commitment comes up.
    Cosmopolitan says, "You want out of your relationship because the thought of spending the rest of your life with your current partner makes you shudder." You may have been committed to each other while dating, but if you can't see yourself possibly getting married to that person, or you don't see the two of you being together in the future, there isn't much point in sticking around.
    Not all relationships are meant to work out. That can be a good thing because you get to experience different people to help you find the one you really want to be with. Just because this relationship didn't work out doesn't mean the next one won't. Remember, your life is like a play, some people are main characters throughout and others just make an appearance to help the story progress.
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
So 'a relationship has run its course' does happen.

Indeed it is a good experience for me.

But life is a karma.

I leave it to Allah, for surely He is the Most Just and the owner of all hearts.

"Tiada sesuatu pun yang Allah jadikan itu sia-sia"

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Perempuan..itu aku..

Bila dah betul-betul sayangkan seseorang, dia sanggup lakukan apa sahaja..

Biarpun hatinya sedang berkecamuk, seboleh mungkin dia akan cuba mengukir senyuman dan mendahulukan keutamaan/keinginan yang tersayang..

Apalah sangat kecewa hatinya kepada yang tersayang jika nak dibandingkan dengan marah dan kecewa yang tersayang kepada dia..

Mudah tersentuh bila dimarah..

Air matanya mudah mengalir bila terlalu marah, namun seboleh mungkin tidak mahu menunjukkannya..

Biarpun hidup/cintanya 'tough', dia sanggup redahinya..

Perempuan begini, acapkali dicop sebagai "bodoh" atas tegarnya sentiasa mengalah dan berjuang demi yang tersayang - kerana dia percaya suatu hari nanti akan ada yang menghargai usahanya..dan kental namun rapuh hatinya..

Kerana fitrahnya - dia tetap seorang perempuan..

Saturday, August 15, 2015

I still remember the feeling on that Friday..

29 May 2015 (Friday).

I still remember that day. 

Two days after we were formally introduced and say 'hi' to each other. 

A day after he requested to befriend me on Facebook. 

Around 10am - my office phone rang. It was an ex-colleague from the my previous working department. He said he wanted to ask me a personal question. I was like..okay..what is it..he asked me whether I was single coz there was someone, his friend who would like to ask me out for dinner in one of those days and would like to get to know me better. I asked him 2 questions - who and how old is he - coz if that person is younger than me, i would like to ensure that he is aware that I'm older than him. Apparently he is younger than me and the friend said he doesn't mind about age. He further asked whether he can share my number with the friend. And i said yes..

Around 12pm (lunch time) - me and a friend had a plan to go to Sogo, but she had to withdraw some money first, so i waited for her at the Bank's lobby, near Starbucks. While i was waiting, somehow I had a feeling that I would bump into him, and just when I felt that, there he was, walking to his friend nearby. I couldn't help to look at him walking, and I knew he did glance over me too. Yeay? Hihi. 

After Friday prayers - received first whatsapp from him introducing himself and saying thank you for accepting his friend request on Facebook. I replied and after a while again I couldn't help to search his profile on Instagram. I clicked 'Follow'!

Around 4pm - received whatsapps from him asking me if I would be free to go out and have dinner with him over the weekend. Without hesitating, I said yes! After all I did not have any plans over those weekends. Coincidence?

Around 8.30pm - we whatsapped each other till both of us fell sleepy. I remember those days I was still attached to Soda Crush Saga game apps :p

And the rest, becomes the sweetest memories - ever - insyaAllah :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The one where you are willing to..

You know you really love someone when you are willing to sacrifice and be patient about it..

You know you are willing to sacrifice and be patient when you started to doing things you never want to do or have a choice not to do it..

And here I am, fighting for what I believe one of the best things happen in my life..

And I pray it's worth it this time..

(41st Floor, Menara Maybank, 1825 hours, 6th Ramadhan 1436H)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Ramadhan eve

It is 4.20 pm. I am currently in a staff meeting, 'listening' to the talent framework and stuff when suddenly I realize it is Ramadhan eve..

I feel really thankful for I am allowed to meet the holy month of Ramadhan this year..

I wanna make lots of prayers for my family..and for us..

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Peace by O.A.R (with lyrics)

("Love comes when you aren't looking, or so I have heard", 11th June 2015)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

When I am at my weakest point..

"Diwajibkan atas kamu berperang, padahal itu tidak menyenangkan bagimu. Tetapi boleh jadi kamu tidak menyenangi sesuatu, padahal itu baik bagimu, dan boleh jadi kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal itu tidak baik bagimu. Allah mengetahui, sedang kamu tidak mengetahui" (2:216)

Pray, and pray, and pray. O Allah, I submit myself to you. Truly You are the owner of hearts. Please ease everything..

At Three AM

I am fully awake.

Rasa macam ada benda panas jatuh atas muka. Pastu nak sembunyi jauh-jauh.


I should have done what I am supposed to do back then..coz there were some things that I was not really proud of doing before..


Yet you were being so optimistic Iynas..

Stupidly being ignorant..

Deng deng deng.

And becoming gedik at this early hour.



Cakap pun da start merapu bukan-bukan. Adoyai. 

Malu berganda-ganda. 

Jadi motif post ini?

Takde motif! Haha!

Thanks for reading!

Ade eh orang bace? :-p

Good night morning!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Perhentian Trip 2015

Today at exactly one week ago, kitorang tengah bersiap-siap kemas nak balik KL. Argh, cepatnya da seminggu! I can still feel the island!

Thanks to dear trip mates yang bawak 'go-pro', we could capture beautiful in-water moments (shots atas darat ada yang guna Samsung Note 4 & iPhone 5s. Nak bawak masuk dalam air sayang woo walaupun ada special cover but still seriau).

So here's to share with you the photos and brief itinerary of our awesome trip activities!

Day 1 (Friday 15/05/2015)

Tiba di Besut waktu Subuh. Kami bertolak lebih kurang pukul 12 tengah malam sebelumnya sebab masing-masing masih bekerja. Balik kerja, siap-siap packing, bawak bekal sikit, kumpul at one point dan gilir-gilir drive dari KL - Jeti Kuala Besut.

Bekal Lameya tidak dilupa for my energy-day-booster and to maintain healthy & beautiful skin.

Kami berhenti solat Subuh di salah sebuah masjid berdekatan. Best masjid tu. Bersih dan ramai orang even di waktu Subuh. Paling best lepas solat Subuh tu jemaah bersama-sama baca surah Al-Kahfi sempena di hari Jumaat :)

Suasana waktu Subuh di salah sebuah masjid berdekatan Jeti Kuala Besut

Selesai solat Subuh kami memulakan perjalanan ke Jeti Kuala Besut. Jangan terkejut bila sampai tak turun kereta lagi dah ada motor-motor datang tanya nak pergi Pulau Perhentian dan dah ada booking atau belum. Itu salah satu dari cara diorang nak tarik customer yang belum ada booking arrangement. Untuk kami yang dah ada booking nie selamat laa. Tak kuasa pergi situ terus tanpa booking. Dah laa time kami pergi tu tengah peak time.

Kami pun ambil kesempatan tanya kat mana terletaknya office si Mieha. Elok-elok kami sampai pukul 7.30 pagi office Mieha pun bukak. Kami unload barang dan kereta dibawa ke tempat parking khas berbumbung. Sehari parking RM10. So total RM30 parking sampai hari Ahad.

Settle register kat office, kami pun breakfast di jeti. First boat pukul 8 pagi. Pihak Mieha akan iring sampai naik boat. Bagus servis dorang nieh. Booking chalet pun dengan dorang. Senang.

Where is my shades?!

Dari jeti ke Pulau Perhentian Kecil mengambil masa lebih kurang 20 minit. Sakit jugak laa peranakan terbuai-buai dek ombak deras atas bot tuh. 

Mujur Shari-La Island Resort tu bersambung terus dengan jeti. Tak perlu jalan jauh. Takde orang pulak dalam bilik yang kami booking so boleh terus check-in. Yahoo boleh sambung tido! Penat dari malam tadi tak habis lagi :-p

Front-view of our suite room.

Ehem! Suite room dia besar hokeyh! Ada dua ruang tamu siap.

Penat tak habis lagi. Bilik pulak besar & cantik. Ape lagi, sambung tido!

Terbangun pukul 1.30 tengah hari sebab panas electric trip so tak rasa aircond. Hikmah tu. Kalau tak, tak tau laa terlajak tido sampai pukul berapa :-p

Bangun, mandi, solat & makan. We decided to go to Kincir Angin yang terletak di Long Beach. So kita akan lalu Long Beach yeay!

Dalam perjalanan ke Long Beach. Kami baru melepasi Ewan's restaurant yang terkenal dengan makanan seafood yang sedap. Malam pertama kami dinner di situ. Lupa nak amek gambar. Price affordable.
Long Beach view

Kami @ Long Beach

Start mini hiking to Kincir Angin

Duduk berehat amek angin jap. Panasss

Almost there!

Magnificent view subhanallah!

Dah turun dari Kincir Angin. Sekejap je turun. Naik bukan main rasa lama. Hilangkan dahaga jap. Lepas nie mandi laut!

Mandi @ Long Beach

Practice amek gambar dalam air for the next day :-p

Day 2 (Saturday 16/05/2015)

Hari yang ditunggu-tunggu tiba! Snorkeling day! Snorkeling boat akan sampai pukul 10 pagi. We all breakfast quite early so ada masa duduk-duduk tepi pantai amek angin sementara tunggu snorkeling boat sampai.

While waiting for the snorkeling boat to arrive.

1st point: Coral beach

2nd point: Turtle beach

Dek penat kejar penyu, kami berdua ditarik oleh abang boat ke boat. Kami berdua je yang gigih sebab tak pernah tengok penyu live! Sekali dapat tengok dengan mata sendiri dan amek gambar memang puas hati. Tq abang boat yang baik hati bawak kami kejar penyu pastu memahami kepenatan kami dan tolong tarik ke boat. Haha.

3rd point: Shark beach

Seronok jumpa baby shark. Masa nie laut agak bergelora so ada antara kami dah pening-pening.

Lunch @ Kampung Nelayan. Nasi putih + sotong goreng tepung + tomyam + sayur campur + air = RM12.50 seorang. Murah kan!

4th point kami ke Lighthouse beach. Di sini akan menjadi kenangan yang paling tak dapat dilupakan oleh salah seorang dari kami sebab beliau lompat dari aras paling atas dengan ketinggian 12 meter! Perempuan ok! Challenge accepted! Bravo girl power!

5th point kami ke Romantic Beach. Kat sini sarang ikan Nemo. Comel sangat-sangat. Gambar belum upload lagi. Hihi.

Tak cukup lagi. Kami naik banana boat.

4 kali dijatuhkan. Puas!

Lepas bersihkan diri dan solat, malam tu makan roti dan maggi dalam chalet je. Pastu sesi tengok gambar dan borak2. Ingat nak pergi Long Beach join the party, tak larat :-p

Day 3 (Sunday 17/05/2015)

Hari untuk balik KL. On the way balik kami singgah di Kuantan makan satar di gerai Aziz Satar dan beli keropok lekor Hasan di sempadan Kuantan. 

It was indeed an awesome trip among us the single Welly girls united. Ahaks!

InsyaAllah ada kesempatan I upload lagi gambar :-)

Thanks for reading!

Pergi office the next day ramai tegur kata muka tak sunburn pun. Well, Lameya kan tak burn sangat haha *belum tengok pergelangan tangan berbelang lagi..hihi..tu dalam dok pakai sunblock tu..*

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Fault In Our Stars

Finally I got the opportunity to watch this movie (after one year!) on Astro. 

I did not had the chance to watch it when it was first released back in June 2014. I knew it was one of the most awaited film, being an adaptation of a best-seller novel. I didn't read the novel so I have had no idea what's the story line is all about (besides it is a love story of a couple who suffered from cancer). But I know I have to watch this film by hearing good reviews.

And I cried watching it.

My normal reaction after finish watching a good love story, I would stay silent for a moment and think - could I have the chance to feel what I feel while watching the film in reality?

After one hour of watching, I still can't get over that thought.

I keep asking myself why, and I keep telling myself,

"It is not my time yet. Just enjoy life as the way it is"

Okay Iynas?


Monday, April 27, 2015

Holiday & Travel

How do you define perfect holiday?

Is it the destination? Is it the people tagged along? Or is it the itinerary? 

It depends jugak kan. Lain orang, lain citarasa. Ada yang nak pergi holiday sebab nak purely relax, ada yang nak pergi holiday sebab nak travel belajar culture negara orang. 

And that for me, makes the people tagged along the top of the list. 

People tagged along. Boleh jadi keluarga. Boleh jadi sahabat handai. Boleh jadi team pejabat.

Ye laa, kita kan nak bersusah-senang bersama-sama masa holiday. Kalau tersalah pilih partner/team boleh makan hati jugak dibuatnya. Contohnya orang jenis tak berkira, kena pulak dengan orang yang berkira, pening pening. 

Untuk langkah selamat, pergi holiday dalam kumpulan genap. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and the list goes on. Bukan apa, senang kalau nak naik ride pape. Plus untuk melatih diri supaya lebih bersabar dan bersikap terbuka dengan perbezaan karakter masing-masing dalam kumpulan. Cover kekurangan seorang ahli dengan kelebihan ahli lain. Sorang lupa bawak ubat gigi boleh pinjam orang lain yang bawak. Sorang jenis tak kisah, lagi sorang kene lebih detail. Kalau dua2 tak kisah atau sesama detail pun susah jugak. Complete and back up each other. Develop skill supaya senang nak blend in dengan apa jua suasana. It will make things a lot easier. 

Destination. Penting jugak. Tapi kalau dah nama holiday dan ada fulus, mana-mana destinasi pun kita boleh plan jadi best.

Itinerary - venue to visit, activities to do, accommodation, travel method. Perancangan itinerary pun memerlukan skil bertolak-ansur. Sorang nak gi sini, sorang nak gi situ. Plan well. There's no perfect holiday but the team makes the holiday perfect. It doesn't have to be a 5-star accommodation and proper dining restaurant. Cukup sekadar backpackers bersih untuk berehat dan makan ala kadar untuk alas perut. Itu untuk yang pergi holiday untuk tujuan travel jenis backpacking style laa. Which I find more interesting because while I learn about the different culture of the destination, I can learn about myself and my travel partner/s. 

I've found my holiday travel team. Small but intimate. We always got each other's back. 

These were London 2014. 


Lunch at Triways TTDI cafe while waiting for the tickets to be purchased. We got our itinerary pretty much sorted out Alhamdulillah. Hopefully all goes well. 

Where to? Tunggu~

Btw, food at Triways TTDI cafe is superbly delicious! 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Review BB Plus Collagen, Toujours Advanced Collagen Shot & Lameya

Hi uols.

I am fe-feeling gediks tonite. Coz I nak share my personal review on collagen supplements. This review is based merely on my personal experience as consumer.

Well, from this blog itself, uols boleh tahu I start dengan BB Plus Collagen. Why did I take collagen back then and how did I start, I da share in previous posts. Just click on one of the most popular post view belah kanan nie k :)

Ok let us start with:

1. BB Plus Collagen

No doubt, BB Plus Collagen is very good because 90% of the ingredient made of quality hydrolyzed collagen. So bayangkan in every sachet penuh dengan kolagen ikan uols minum every day. Mana tak cerah dan licin kulit uols semua. Bukan takat kat muka, kat buku lali yang merekah dah cantik, sakit sendi lutut pun boleh baik. Kulit muka dah kurang berminyak, jerawat susah nak tumbuh, parut jerawat makin hilang. Begitulah hebatnya BB Plus Collagen nie. Tengok testimoni tuan punya blog nie laa. Ehem.

 Sekotak BB Plus Collagen ada 20 sachets with price at RM180 per box. 

Uols boleh gunakan Mr. Google untuk dapatkan senarai agent BB Plus Collagen seluruh Malaysia :)

2. Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots

I've been following Keknis's blog since long time. I really adore her and she has inspired me to always have a good heart besides being beautiful. I know that Hanis Zalikha and her mom consume the original Toujours collagen. Original here means dalam bentuk serbuk yang bila bancuh minum ada bau ikan tuh. I bancuh dengan jus oren pun jadi rasa ikan. That's how rich it is. Lagi rich dari BB Plus Collagen cuma BB Plus Collagen tak bau ikan sebab ada perisa ribena.

So when Keknis first came out with Toujour Advanced Collagen Shots yang ada gabungan kolagen Toujours, makanan sunnah dan buah-buahan beri, sape tak terpengaruh kan? And considering takde bau ikan, rasa macam candy dan Keknis yang sentiasa cantik dan Hairul Azreen yang semakin hensem, maka diri ini tidak dapat menahan lagi dari mencubanya. 

What I really like about Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots ialah setiap pagi I akan membuang. Bak kata Keknis - 'yak'. Jadi di sini I mengakui kebenaran yang Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots membuatkan badan rasa lebih ringan sebab hari-hari buang toksin - boleh kurus yeay! Honestly I tak rasa perubahan sangat dari segi kecerahan kulit dan sebagainya. Well, bergantung kepada sistem tubuh individu. I tak rasa perubahan pada kulit, ramai orang lain yang rasa perubahan pada kulit - lebih cerah, flawless etc. I je yang unik kot *nak jugak*.

Dengan 30 sachets per box for RM199, memang berbaloi. 

Click here on how to get Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots.

3. Lameya

Ok this is the latest in the market! How do I came across Lameya? Panjang ceritanya. Long story short, I was actively looking for supplement yang lebih kurang macam Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots, tapi ada Habbatussauda. That means kena ada jugak collagen, Vitamin C, buah-buahan beri dan makanan sunnah i.e. kurma, madu dan buah delima. (Habbatussauda pun makanan sunnah tau). 

Dan tadaaa~!! Lameya ialah jawapan kepada apa yang I cari. Surprising enough, selain Habbatus Sauda, kurma, madu dan buah delima, Lameya ada mengandungi makanan sunnah lain i.e. buah zaitun dan buah tin. Not to forget fish collagen, Vitamin C, blueberry, blackcurrant, and apricot. Wow! Perfect!! Don't uols think so?

Kenapa I cari yang ada Habbatussauda? Just recently I discover about the benefits Habbatus Sauda can bring to our health and beauty. Banyak sebenarnya. Tapi yang buat I paling nak ialah when I further discover about this hadith:

Khasiat Habbatus Sauda' diketahui melalui Hadis yang sangat masyhur dalam perubatan Islam. Rasulullah bersabda : "Tetaplah kamu dengan Habbatus Sauda' ini kerana sesungguhnya padanya terdapat penawar bagi segala penyakit kecuali as-saam (mati)" Hadis Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim.

Yeah that's why. And I personally think berubah kepada pemakanan sunnah Rasulullah S.A.W. sedikit sebanyak menggambarkan usaha kita untuk mengikut sunnah baginda yang kian menghilang..walaupun dalam aspek pemakanan insyaAllah..Rasulullah S.A.W. kan role model terbaik kehidupan manusia :) Allahumma solli 'ala saidina Muhammad..

Dengan Lameya, I feel energized every day. Rasa kenyang lebih lama. Serious tak rasa lapar sangat macam selalu, especially time lunch tak menyempat nak makan sebab lapar sangat. Nafsu makan seharian pun berkurangan. Sampai my mom pun pelik malam I tak makan sangat. Bila makan portion biasa tak habis. End up I kecilkan portion makanan I. Benda yang I susah nak buat sebelum nie ialah kecilkan portion makanan I. Sekarang nie takyah susah-susah, sendiri makan sikit.

In terms of perubahan pada kulit, dengan Lameya I dapat rasa dan lihat perubahan. Muka I rasa lebih moist. Beberapa kali I pandang cermin terkejut tengok muka diri sendiri glowing. Adeh. Susah laa macam nie asyik nak pandang muka sendiri. Lol.

Rasa Lameya lebih kurang sama macam Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots. Rasa candy tanpa gula tiruan coz both of them menggunakan gula buah iaitu manisan pura (purasweet). But personally I think Lameya's taste is better.

Sekotak Lameya ada 30 sachets yang hanya perlu koyak sachet dan terus minum macam Toujours Advanced Collagen Shots jugak. Harga Lameya sekarang tengah promosi RM160 sampai 15 April 2015. Lepas tarikh tu Lameya berbalik ke harga asal around RM190-RM199. Post ini ditulis sebelum 15 April 2015 so kalau uols nak dapatkan Lameya pada harga sangat berbaloi baik cepat. I would say sangat berbaloi considering the extra ingredients yang betul-betul berasaskan pemakanan sunnah.

Uols boleh click sini untuk dapatkan Lameya.

Sekian sahaja sharing review I. Again this is merely based on my experience as consumer. Kalau uols perasan, ketiga-tiga yang I share nie mesti ada collagen kan. Such collagen addict! :-p 

Well, sape tak nak maintain cantik uols.

Nite nite!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Official Soundtrack Fast and Furious 7 - See You Again by Wiz Khalifa live at The Voice 2015

I've been bogged down with work & training this week. Then I decided to watch FF7 midnight alone. Since then this song keeps singing in my head every day. And every night before sleep i would just youtube clips on Paul Walker, the movie, the song, and behind the scenes of FF7. And today during break time, a colleague was saying "tengok FF7 sempat nieh". I terus "Jom!". Dengan pantas tuntas ke cinema terdekat, beli tiket, beli popcorn & air, masuk cinema yg movie da start about 10 minutes. And I wonder why, rasa lagi sedih lepas tengok the 2nd time. And I still can't get rid of this scene and the song. Berhantu sungguh.

Besides the official music video, this one is as good. See You Again by Wiz Khalifa feat Chris Jamison live at The Voice 2015. Enjoy!


The Voice - my favourite show for it never fails to inspire me in every ways especially the journey in making the dreams come true regardless of challenges encountered. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Harga kereta selepas GST

Turun? Naik? 

Ok let me share something. 

Around November and December 2014, being in Corporate Banking, I was doing credit review on few of the GLC's accounts that involve in automotive industry. Credit review needs SWOT analysis and hence there are lots of industry/sector reports stating about GST implementation effects. 

The strong founding was that the price of cars would not be affected much, if not slightly lower. Very little mention on price of cars would hike, making the info less reliable. 

Secara ringkas, harga kereta sepatutnya lebih murah selepas GST. 

In March 2015, my stepbrother ajak aku pergi usha Mazda 2 terbaru. So we went to the nearest Mazda showroom and the saleswoman greet us and start selling the car's features. 

Cantik. Serious cantik. Mazda 2 sedan. Bukan nak beli sangat pun. Saje tengok. Layan je laa saleswoman tu. Tapi satu yang menarik perhatian aku ialah selling point dia. 

"You kalau nak beli kereta baru better beli sekarang sebelum GST. Lots of people buying car to avoid price hike due to GST. I dah jual banyak kereta nie. Semua nak keluar kereta sebelum 1st April."

Dalam hati ada sedikit rasa geli. Bijak orang2 sales and marketing guna selling point GST to increase their sales sebanyak mungkin. Tapi takleh nak salahkan penjual atau pembeli. Sama ada salah seorang atau dua2 tak tahu pasal research report tu. So yang salah aku laa kan sebab tak sebarkan awal-awal. 

Pada 3 April 2015, aku dan kakak aku ke showroom kereta Perodua. Kali nie tengok2 memang ada niat nak beli. Terbukti harga kereta lebih murah selepas GST. Walaupun tak banyak beza tapi still~ dalam dok harga barang lain naik selepas GST, harga kereta turun. So kene beli laa nie ye? Lol. 

Ini adalah berdasarkan pengalaman diri sendiri ye. Kalau ade yang mengalami harga kereta naik selepas GST, wallahualam. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Maafkan Aku by Ir Radzi (OST Teman Lelaki Upahan)

The story, Teman Lelaki Upahan is one thing - superb story line (takde tipikal dengki-mendengki, kahwin paksa, rebut harta), superb cast, superb emotion. 

The soundtracks are another. I love all the soundtracks - Rahsia & Hujan Sepi (Ippo Hafiz), Angin Kencang (Noh Salleh) and this one here..

The voice..

The melody..

The lyrics..

Perfectly soothing and full of emotion that catches my heart every time I listen to it..


Lirik Lagu Maafkan Aku - Ir Radzi

Telah ku buat
Dirimu menangis
Jahat ku jahat
Menyakiti hatimu

Maafkan aku cinta
Maafkanlah salahku
Sungguh aku menyesali
Telah buatmu terluka

Maafkan aku cinta
Jangan kau tinggalkan aku
Ku mohon padamu
Maafkanlah aku

Jahat ku jahat
Menyakiti hatimu

Maafkan aku cinta
Maafkanlah salahku
Sungguh aku menyesali
Telah buatmu terluka

Maafkan aku cinta
Jangan kau tinggalkan aku
Ku mohon padamu
Maafkanlah aku

Sungguh aku menyesali
Telah buatmu terluka

Maafkan aku cinta
Jangan kau tinggalkan aku
Ku mohon padamu
Maafkanlah aku

Ku mohon padamu
Maafkanlah aku 

Sumber :