Sunday, August 31, 2008

it's over..thanx to all..

alhamdulillah..MNite 2008 ended smoothly..thanx to all involved..directly and indirectly..the committee and the personal team..org2 yg diminta tlg utk melakukan tugas2 di saat akhir..sume itu amat dihargai..

backdrop sgt cantik!! ske2!! thanx to ain and her team..kay, pokjat, dira..sampai ain kate nanti mase wedding die nak pokjat buat backdrop..haha..x penah jumpe lg wedding yg ade ain yg 1st one laa yg kte nampak pakai backdrop..haha..

with housemates berlatarbelakangkan backdrop kan??

video and audio run smoothly..thanx to haziq, dirul and ain..

congratulations to all the award winners and lucky draw usual..saye bukan seorg yg lucky..sbb tu x heran dok dalam changing room mase lucky draw coz i know i'm not going to get anything during lucky draw..mmg dari dulu x bertuah..lucky draw je mesti x dapat..ouh yea..thanx to the presenters jgak..jd laa gaye ala2 grammy awards..siap dgn video calon2 lg..thanx to haziq n frens ;-)

to farah mexx,pali and haz..thanx for the idea of "actorlympics" before announcing the winner of Wellington's Raja Lawak was VERY entertaining..

thanx to auni n nad yg jadi bidan terjun utk jage lighting di saat2 akhir..juge kpd saudara kay utk bacaan doa..kay siap dapat grand prize lg..which is iPod shuffle..

thanx to ain and team yg stay kat Intercontinental hingga ke mlm..komitmen anda sgt dihargai..

many2 thanx to shaza si operation floor manager yg bz memanjang..sibuk ke sane ke mari sampai x makan..ishh2..saye sgt sedey..da pesan kat sume org make sure makan..alih2 die plak x dapat makan..dapat makan dessert je..tu pon sket..

and as the cultural committee of the Malaysian Night 2008, thanx a lot to all the dancers!! u guys and girls rock!! walaupun pentas sume org berjaya memanfaatkan ruang yg ade dgn baek skali..naseb baek xde yg jatuh tergolek..tahniah atas semangat anda wahai dancers2 ku sekalian..hehehe..

to the emcees, usherers and receptionist..good job and well done!!

kpd sesape yg saye terlepas pandang utk mengucapkan terima kasih..minta maaf byk2 kerana saye berterima kasih kepada apa2 yg berlaku di depan mata saye..nie pon rasenye ade lg yg tertinggal..

apepon..terima kasih byk2 kepada sume..minta maaf juge atas segala kekurangan dan ke'simple'an Malaysian Night kali nie..just hope that sume org enjoy the night..and from the feedback that i had until this far sume hepi..and that makes me and other committees happy as well :-)

to najwa..sorry bler awak panggil kte byk kali tp kte x dapat nak melayan awak sepenohnye..saye sayang kamu..

again..many thanx to was a memorable least for me..i dunno bout others coz i've never been to Malaysian Night..sorry if we can't meet ur high expectation..

so tonite..have a good rest everyone!!

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan al-Mubarak

malasnye nak g kelas esok..huhu

rase sedikit terkilan dan sedey sbb mase video WMSO Committee xde gambar Cultural Committee yg siap dgn aksi2 tarian..

Saturday, August 30, 2008

cuak cuak

tomorrow night is Malaysian Night 2008 or commercially known as MNite..

cuak2..huhu..walaupun saye cume jage bahagian performance laa antara bahagian paling penting yg akan menentukan kemeriahan perjalanan sesuatu majlis makan malam..sama ada org hepi ke x..boring ke x..relevan dgn tema ke x..bukan sesuatu yg senang nak menentukan persembahan mlm tu..apetah lg bler da sah akan ade perbandingan dgn yg sbelomnye..and honestly di sini..saye ingin meminta sume org yg akan hadir agar tidak mengharapkan yg terlalu tinggi dari saye utk bahagian performance..due to some factors..byk yg terpaksa dibatalkan di saat2 would be just a simple and nice one..sbb da nak masuk bulan puasa pon we need to tone down the level of enjoyment a little bit laa..hehe..

just sit back and enjoy the dinner :-)

mlm nie dapat merasakan kurang stress berbanding malam2 sbelomnye..padahal mlm sbelom event adalah yg slalu time yg paling crucial..byk bende yg kene mlm nie cam ok n rilek least for me laa yg slalu byk pk nie kan..mane x nye..siap bleh update blog lg kan..haha..mcm ade tendency utk tido awal je..bleh laa menyimpan tenaga utk esok yg pastinye x menang tangan dan ke sane ke mari..

selain dpd cuak pasal flow of event and performance esok..saye juge cuak pasal baju yg akan dipakai..1st time nie..x tau laa mcm mane hasilnye kan..harap2 cantik,menarik kau mmg da bomb laa..hahaha..joking..asalkan nampak menarik ok laa kot pon nak enjoy gak..hehe..rase excited pon ade :-D

see you all tomorrow night at Intercontinental Hotel, Lambton Quay at 6.30 pm with the theme Merdeka: A Royal Tribute

harap2 ade laa peluang utk enjoy the food..nak makan gak..ouh main course dan dessert..jgnlah mengecewakan..

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sometimes - Britney Spears

You tell me you're in love with me
Like you can't take your
Pretty eyes away from me
It's not that I don't want to stay
But every time you come too close I move away

I wanna believe in everything that you say,
'Cause it sounds so good
But if you really want me, move slow
There's things about me you just have to know

[ Chorus ]
Sometimes I run
Sometimes I hide
Sometimes I'm scared of you
But all I really want is to hold you tight
Treat you right, be with you day and night
Baby all I need is time,

I don't wanna be so shy oh no
But every time that I'm alone I wonder why
Hope that you will wait for me
You'll see that you're the only one for me

I wanna believe in everything that you say
'Cause it sounds so good
But if you really want me, move slow
There's things about me you just have to know,

[ Chorus ]

Sometimes I run
Sometimes I'm scared of you
But all I really want is to hold you tight
Treat you right, be with you day and night
All i really want is to hold you tight
Treat you right, be with you day and night
baby all i need is time

Just hang around and you'll see
There's nowhere I'd rather be
If you love me, trust in me
The way that I trust in you


is blogging a good therapy for me?? coz once i published the previous post i feel very2 sleepy..or is it just becoz it is 5.30 am..should wait for the Subuh prayer first..gotta do something benefical..

lay back, chill and relax

Dear my blog,

I really miss updating u..there's a lot i wanna write and share..but there's a lot too that i cannot reveal at the moment..

Lots of Love,
Iynas Omar

but i did change a few songs on my "heal your soul" playlist..hehe..

i do aware that the difficulties i'm facing right now is the consequences of my own is as expected from the very beginning..i do accept it with all my heart..but never once i regret my decision for i have my own reasons..

only God knows how many times i typed and deleted what i's 5 am and i still can't sleep..i want to type more but i just can't get it out right off my head..

Sunday, August 24, 2008

i'm back


got so much to many pictures to upload..

most important lots of things to be done once my two feet step on welly..

later peeps..

Monday, August 18, 2008

kejap ekk..

i'm going to south island trip in 4 hours time..

need a break for a while..

i'll get my hands on work once i got back..

Saturday, August 16, 2008

no other words

have no other words to say..

too tired to think..

but i just know to say these..


for your commitment & support



we really did our BEST!!

and i know we did enjoy ourselves and that is the most important thing..

without all of you..this event won't be a success..

sorry if did or said anything wrong..

looking forward to work with all of you again during Malaysian Night 2008 "A Royal Tribute"

have a good rest everyone..

Friday, August 15, 2008

come & join the crowd!!

Time: 2 pm to 10 pm on Saturday 16 August

Venue: TSB Bank Arena, Queens Wharf, Wellington


- Delicious Southeast Asian snacks (lots of delicious Malay food awaits you!)
- Non-stop entertainment – dance and music (come and watch us perform!)
- Martial arts demonstrations from Thailand, the Philippines and Viet Nam
- Indonesian and Malaysian Batik demonstrations
- Indonesian Puppets – Wayang Kulit
- Traditional games of Southeast Asia (let's play Malaysia's traditional owned games!)


Country Focus (on stage):

1.45 pm Drums in Action - Philippines
2.00 pm Musical Extravaganza - Indonesia
2.30 pm Colourful Malaysia
3.00 pm Splendour of Philippines
3.30 pm Diversity in Action - Singapore
4.00 pm Discovering Thailand
4.30 pm Beauty of Vietnam
5.00 pm Golden Myanmar
5.30 pm Lucky Draw
5.50 pm Lion Dance
6.00 pm Formal Opening
7.05 pm Indonesian Glamour
7.25 pm Malaysia Truly Asia
7.40 pm 'WOW' Philippines
8:00 pm Sights & Sounds - Singapore
8.20 pm Paradise in Thailand
8.40 pm Charms of Vietnam
9.00 pm Multicultural concert
9.40 pm Finale - Beautiful ASEAN
10.00pm ENDS

Traditional Games Area:

2.00 pm Games of Vietnam
2.30 pm Thai Games and Martial Arts
3.00 pm Traditional Games of Singapore
3.30 pm Arnis - Philippines Martial Arts
4.00 pm Indonesian Puppets
4.40 pm Traditional Games of Malaysia
5.10 pm Vovinam - Martial Arts from Vietnam
5.30 pm Stage programmes
7.00 pm Traditional Games of Malaysia
7.20 pm Indonesian Puppets
7.50 pm Arnis - Philippines Martial Arts
8.10 pm Games of Vietnam
8.30 pm Traditional Games of Singapore
8.50 pm Muay Thai - Thai Kickboxing
9.10 pm ENDS

Batik print demonstrations:

2.30 pm to 3.30 pm
4.30 pm to 5.30 pm
6.30 pm to 7.30 pm

2.30 pm to 4.00 pm

4.30 pm to 5.45 pm

6.30 pm to 9.00 pm

*red is where Malaysia involves

source from:

click for more info


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

keje skolah + bukan keje skolah

smalam tido awal..without doing nothing lepas balik from rehearsal..rase penat nie bgn awal pon..air mata kuar lg..bukan sbb sbb ngantuk dan penat lg..hehehe..

risau pasal costumes for Asean Night Market..x sampai2 lg walaupun da antar since Selasa lepas..kalau ikot kate Abg Rudy..patot da sampai hari Jumaat lg..rabu nie da full dress rehearsal..huhu..cuak2..

Luckily ade Abg Rudy uruskan pasal costumes kat Abg Rudy yg pilih..thanx Abg Rudy!! so dancers..let's do our BEST yea!! ;-)

i guess this week is the busiest week for everyone..assignments..presentations..tests..saye juge of course tidak ketinggalan..but my mind is more on the management of Asean Night to bring the costumes and props..registration plak kene byk2 kali for every round..xleh ke register skali atas pon ade kesusahan dorg sendiri day would be super duper bz..with stalls..performances..traditional games..

so everyone..let's fill up ur first weekend of holiday by enjoying urself at:

Event: Asean Night Market Festival
Venue: TSB Arena
Date: 16th August 2008
Time: 2-10 pm

and let's pray that it would be a success!!

p/s: semalam saye menari ntah ape2..byk gler silap..huhu..lepas nie jgn silap lg ok..event da nak dekat nie..hehe..

can't let my mind totally diverted from school work..ok..after blogging nieh..let's do something more productive!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Doa buat Sahabat

Aku tak mengerti

Kenapa aku harus bersedih

Bukankah aku patut bergembira

Kerana kau sudah menemui salah satu dari kebahagiaan hidup

Aku menangis..dan menangis

Tangis dalam gembira?


Tangis kerana takut kehilangan?

Ya..itulah jawapannya

Tapi kenapa?

Kita tak seakrab seperti yang lain

Kita hanya mengenali satu sama lain selama hampir dua tahun

Dengan satu tujuan..menggapai cita-cita

Dan selama dalam tempoh kita melayari perjuangan itu

Kenakalanmu menceriakan

Keikhlasanmu mengharukan

Kau ada hampir di setiap saat, waktu dan ketika

Suka duka dan gelak tawa

Susah senang

Kita lalui dan hadapinya bersama

Itulah kau..sahabat

Aku meneliti satu persatu potret selama berada di sini

Dan seperti mana kau memenuhi hampir kesemua potret memori indah itu

Seperti itulah jua kau melengkapi hampir keseluruhan hidupku di sini

Dan ketika itu aku sedar

Betapa kewujudan dan kehadiran kau meninggalkan kesan yg amat mendalam

Ia tidak perlu ditunjukkan dengan kata-kata

Kerana kasih sayang kau sebagai sahabat sudah cukup membuktikan


Doa, pinta dan harapanku

Agar kau gembira dalam mengecapi kebahagiaan hidup yang baru sahaja kau temui

Mungkin kita tidak akrab di luaran

Tetapi aku tau

Kita akan sentiasa berpegang pada satu tali yang tidak bernama

Yang telah mengikat hati kita dengan sangat teguh dan kuat

Dan aku menamakan tali itu


Terharu dan bangga dgn kematangan yg semakin kau tunjukkan..walaupun sbenarnye kau mmg da matang dari identiti asal kau..gila-gila..pembuli tp penyayang..tlg laa jgn hilang..kerana itulah penceria keadaan..

Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's back!! Now in Beijing..

Yeayy!! Sukan Olimpik 2008 da start!! sgt suke!! x saba nak tgk sukan2 kegemaran saye:

  • badminton
  • tennis
  • gimrama
  • athletics
  • swimming
  • diving
  • volleyball
  • handball
and other sports that i would find fun to watch at..(sayangnye xde netball..huhu)

walaupun umah saye xde sky tv..thanx to the high speed internet connection..dapat laa jgak tgk live tgah cuti plak tuh..lg layan laa tgk Olimpik..

watching sports is one of my favourite..Sukan Asia..Sukan Komanwel..dan ape2 laa pertandingan yg melibatkan sukan kegemaran..Thomas Cup..Tennis Open..mcm2 laa..

cume diri sendiri je x berbakat dalam sports..hehehe..

can't wait to watch Malaysia's athletes on action!! harap2 membanggakan dan x memalukan..



Friday, August 8, 2008


ok..tau ramai org tulis pasal tarikh hari nie..wat to do..tarikh lawa..nombor 8 pon kalau ikot org Cina..ade ong maa (betol ke eja 'ong' Wan Ling?ehehe)..maksudnye bertuah laa..

since a few days ago org da sebut2 pasal tarikh nie..and i was thinking of something good might happen to me..or at least i got to do something fun on this very nice date!!

but it turned out to be the other way round..

thanx to my unstable hormon for the month..saye rase sgt pissed off dan tension dgn tutor comp lab saye hr nie..die kate nak hantar saye balik to 'stage one' sbb x paham..masalahnye bukan saye sorg je yg kene ayat camtu..ade a few ppl kene gak..kate pon proses pembelajaran..sbg tutor..kalau da student x paham..tlg laa terangkan sampai student paham..nie cakap camtu pastu just walk away..terpinga-pinga jadinye..da laa x penah gune program salah sendiri gak kot..bende senang pon x paham..pastu sume org pon dok angkat2 tgn tanye..die pon hilang sabar laa kot..hehe..

then ade 2 meeting..satu utk presentation audit next week..dan satu lagi pasal Asean Night Festival..also next week..luckily kedue-due meeting berjalan lancar..walaupun meeting tu sendiri x fun..lebey2 lagi utk tarikh best mcm hari nie..huhu..

tarikh yg best dan unik mcm nie..bukan slalu dtg..ramai org ske mengabadikan tarikh2 unik mcm nie utk mencipta satu memori sama ada bagus atau tidak..terpulang kepada diri masing2..

ade yg nak buat sesuatu yg x penah dibuat..ade yg nak bawak satu hubungan ke satu tahap yg lebey tinggi..dan mcm2 lg..

teringat kat msia..kalau time taun baru ke..merdeka ke..byk gejala sosial di kalangan remaja berlaku mcm cendawan tumbuh lepas hujan..lepas tu terpampang di dada2 akhbar perlakuan memalukan remaja Malaysia..kalau tarikh2 unik dan best mcm hari nie pon..mesti akan dapat perhatian yg same..alasannye tu laa..utk mengabadikan 'memori indah'..

tp sudah pasti..bukan sume camtu..ade yg masih bijak menggunakan peluang tarikh unik utk perkara2 yg bagus..

jadi terpulang kepada diri sendiri..tepuk kepala tanye akal..

kalau rase dan kawan2 ade utk dapatkan 2nd opinion..

status ym> for some ppl.. 08-08-08: is a night to be remembered..CONGRATS dear fren..i'm happy for u..ALL THE BEST!! :-)

dan kini..pd tarikh unik ini..dgn rasminya..2 org presiden telah jatuh..tumbang..presiden baru bakal naek..hehehe..

Wellingtonians..a great news awaits u!! just be ready for the BOMB!!

*kalau ade yg perasan perubahan pd post nie..some of the writings have been deleted kerana telah menimbulkan salah faham..harap maklum*

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

why still counting?

it's only a month away..

before our 5 supposed-to-be-official year..

My out-of-ordinary Day

just got back from dance practice..penat..before kte start stadi accy302 utk test esok..meh kte blogging jap..hehe..

slalunye bler blogging..mesti akan senyap jer..lagu yg berkumandang di Windows Media Player pon akan di'pause'..nak bg perhatian kepada ape yg nak kali nie biarkan saje lagu2 berkumandang..rase tenang je..lagu2 tu plak adelah playlist 'Heal Your Soul' di blog sendiri..haha..gler laa..kate pon heal my soul kan :-P

dan selalunye akan blogging dgn laptop di atas meja dan saye di kerusi..duhh..but this time blogging dgn laptop dipangku sambil bersantai di atas katil..

ok..rase pelik plak cakap pasal nie..kenapekah??

  • 1st time dgr lagu mase tgah blogging sbb rase stress tetibe bler type dalam keadaan sunyi sepi..there's so much in my head rite now..
  • 1st time blogging dgn bersantai di atas katil sbb lenguh asyik dok atas kerusi..nak rehatkan kaki sbb baru lepas menari Inang Renek..

talking bout Inang Renek..i would like to apologize for showing up 10 mins late..i know i've been pushing all the dancers to be on time..and just now when i arrived..i felt so ashamed of myself tgk sume org da ready and tunggu saye dan's just that i finished my class at 5.30 and i have to walk all the way from pipitea campus to cable car station..being unfortunate..cable car baru je i have to wait for a few more minutes..lepas da solat maghrib and that time da 6.30..huhu..

to be honest..apart from being ashamed..saye terharu melihat komitmen sume dancers..thank you so much and keep it up!! We really hope to see this kind of commitment being showed during all the events scheduled especially the nearest one is coming: Asean Night Market Festival..and the next one after that: Malaysian Night..hope these events will be a success with all the commitment and support being showed continuously :-)

Using my blog..i would like to use this opportunity to inform all the dancers that full rehearsal would be on Monday to Wednesday..6.30 - 8.30 pm approximately (no longer Tuesday to Thursday) and the full dress rehearsal would be on really hope that all the dancers for the 7 dances can make it on those days especially on Wednesday..proper email would be sent..

this afternoon..finally..dapat hilangkan rase mengidam nak makan Classic Bagel with egg filling..mane lg kalau bukan dkat Wholly Bagel!! begitu determined nak makan bagel hari nie..luckily Yi Chin was on the same track with me..but first..hilangkan lapar dulu kat Fujiyama Cafe sbb mase tu baru pukul 2..after 2.30 baru bleh dapat diskaun 30% with student n Yi Chin shared a plate of 3-choice meal sbg alas perut..then together with Wan Ling..we went to Wholly Bagel..thanx Wan Ling sbb teman..hehe..

lately saye begitu gilekan Wholly Bagel..u can ask my housemates about pon (and even a few days da)..i keep mentioning "nak makan bagel..jom laa kte makan Wholly Bagel"..sampai dorg naek bosan kot..haha..i dunno why..1st time makan bagel early of this year x rase ape2 sgt..biase all started mase me, Yi Chin and Bebeh went to check out a venue for Malaysian Night on one morning..sbb x sempat breakfast..all I can think of is only Wholly Bagel sbb breakfast before 11 am will cost you only $5..there was a special cream cheese bagel of the month which was Blueberry Lemon (i think)..together with a cup of Hot Choc..nyummy!! mase tu cintaku kepada Wholly Bagel mule bercambah..hehe..u can check the pictures out at Yi Chin's blog..

i kept craving for Wholly Bagel since..and one morning i got a chance..also mase buat keje for Malaysian Night..together with Bebeh we went..mase tu promotion Blueberry Lemon cream cheese x abes lg..yess!! i ordered that of course..again with Hot Choc..fuhh!! with the perfect sunny day and perfect environment (Wholly Bagel Willis St) really2 made our day..

at that time..Bebeh ordered classic tuna bagel..and i was thinking of trying classic egg sbb da kenyang..laen kali je laa..and today..with full determination..i got the chance to eat it!! yeayy!! so happy.. :-D

i will keep craving for Wholly Bagel at the to my housemates and friends..u've been warned!! hehe..

Sunday, August 3, 2008

cabaran kehidupan

baju biru sape tergantung kat pokok tu..ish2..sian..sah terjatuh dari ampaian umah tingkat atas..kalau korg nak tau..ade sorg mamat tgah cube menurunkan baju tersebut dgn sebatang kayu panjang (mamat dan kayu panjang tersebut x dapat dilihat dlm gambar)..

kesian plak tgk mamat tu sorg2 dok kuis2 baju yg tersepit di antara ranting2 pokok yg byk dgn kayu panjang tu..mcm susah jer..nak tlg cheer pon tgah nak cepat..tlg amek gambar je da laa..hehe..

harap2 angin welly dapat menurunkan baju biru mamat tersebut..

"jolok motosikal yea bang.."
(gaye Ajis dalam filem 'Seniman Bujang Lapok')

apakah yg akan anda lakukan jika anda berada dalam situasi di atas?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

beyond my control

there are things that we can't control..

and we just have to live with it..

it'll make us more mature..stronger..and wiser..

what important..

is that we have good control actions over things that within our control..

don't lose it..

because if you do..

then consider yourself as unlucky..

because you have failed..

learn from your mistakes..

and start all over again..

which you don't have to..

if you can actually control it from the very beginning..

2008..tahun kehilangan

Me: "Fatin..datuk kte baru meninggal.." *sambil tersenyum*

Fatin: "Dan awak bleh lagi senyum??" *terkejut*

Me: "Kite x tau nak respond macam mane da..da penat sedeyh.."

Honestly..that was what i felt..tahun 2008 saje menyaksikan aku kehilangan 2 org lelaki yg aku sayang kerana berhijrah ke alam laen..ayah dan datuk..

dan sorg lg.......................(sebab laen)

mmg sedeyh..he was the only grandfather left..sebelah mak..satu-satunye datuk yg bleh aku bermanje..

tp utk menangis there and then..air mata da x mampu nak kuar lg.. one part of the cycle of life..we just have to accept it..itu perjanjian kte dgn Tuhan Yang Maha Esa..

keadaan tidak mengizinkan aku pulang..aku hanya mampu berdoa dari jauh..semoga rohnya tenang dan dicucuri rahmat Allah S.W.T. selalu..dan ditempatkan di kalangan org2 beriman..


p/s: sorry pasal hp awak fatin..kte tau awak terkejut dgn reaction kte..