Thursday, March 21, 2013

Yuna @ Jay Leno Show!


Langkah dan tapak beliau semakin laju..semakin cepat..

Less words, more actions!

Owl City feat Yuna - Shine Your Way - DreamWorks's Croods Soundtrack

Hi Beautiful Readers!

Need more reasons to be proud of Yuna?

Check this out!

Owl City Ft. Yuna – Shine Your Way Lyrics
Just before the dawn,
When the light’s still gone,
Shine, shine your way,
And you may not know, where to go,
Shine, shine your way

Open road but it’s still dark,
Build a fire from a spark,
And shine, shine your way,
Feed the feeling in your heart,
Don’t conceal it then you’ll start,
To find, find your way

No one can stop, what has begun,
You must believe when I say

All of your tears will dry faster in the sun,
Starting today,
Shine, shine, shine,
Shine your way

There’s an open sky,
And a reason why,
You shine, shine your way,
There’s so much to learn,
And now it’s your turn,
To shine, shine your way

There’s a feeling deep inside,
You can let it be your guide,
To find, find your way,
And there’s no time for us to waste,
Got to take a leap of faith,
And fly, fly away

Don’t have to walk,
Now you can run,
Nothing can get in your way

All of your tears will dry faster in the sun,
Starting today,
Shine, shine, shine,
Shine your way

Morning is breaking,
Darkness is fading,
We found a way to the light,
It’s such a beautiful sight

Any time, anywhere,
Turn around and I’ll be there,
To shine, shine your way

Like a star burning bright,
Lighting up the darkest night,
I’ll shine, shine your way

Now I can see,
You are the one,
Sent here to show me the way

All of your tears will dry faster in the sun,
Starting today,
Shine, shine, shine,
We’re on our way,
Shine, shine, shine,
That’s what we say,
Shine, shine, shine,
Shine your way

There’s a reason why
You shine, shine your way

All of our tears will dry faster in the sun
Shine your way

Inspirational and spirit booster lyrics! I like! This, or Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson, will be my successful-story-song. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Lagu ciptaan Yusry untuk Lisa Surihani sempena ulangtahun perkahwinan mereka yang pertama. SWEET!

Hi Beautiful Readers!

Lisa Surihani makes a perfect couple for Yusry kan! I totally memang suka sangat tengok Yusry sekarang bahagia. Boleh nampak riak wajah dia pun makin muda dan hensem macam zaman dolu-dolu. Fenomena kot Yusry dulu, for me laa antara tiga beradik tu kan hihi. So this is a song created by Yusry for his beloved and beautiful wife Lisa Surihani for their first anniversary. Enjoy!

For official video by Motion Peektures click here 

Lisa Surihani, she is so cute, positive, kind and cheerful. Love both of them!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Comment's word verification

I was made known by few readers that I have enabled word verification for readers to post their comments.


I don't like it either. 

Menyusahkan. Hilang mood nak komen. Lol

So I have disabled the function.

But I still moderate comments ;-)