Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tagged by Syerox

ok..sebenarnye da nak mari kte buat tag dulu..

Tagged by Syerox

RULE #1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any 1 questions that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

RULE #2 Tag 5 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by and continue this game by sending it to other people.

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
sedey..marah..keciwa..geram..and i'll keep thinking bout it..

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
kalau x jadi accountant pon..have a secure job and have a happy family that practice true Islam in daily lives..pendek kate..berjaya dunia akhirat..

3. If you are the opposite gender, what would you do?
x pernah terpk..syukur jadi pompuan..seronok..byk kelebihan..

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
invest..berbelanja ke arah kebaikan..and of course for my personal needs!! nak rase duit keluar bak air mengalir..hehe..

5. Will you fall in love with your bestfriend?
preferably no..nanti susah dan rase pelik..x nak kehilangan bestfriend

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
being loved by someone..then i can learn how to love that someone back..then both will be blessed with love :-)

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
Sampai Allah menemukan saye dgn jodoh saye :-)

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
if you really love him..then be happy for'll be happy too for sure.. (learn from experience :-P)

9. Have u ever been labeled as a snatcher?
Alhamdulillah belom pernah dan harapnya tidak akan pernah

10. What takes you down the fastest?
when what i expected doesn't seem to turn out as what i have expected

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?
i would be 31 years with my own perfect husband and my own cute little children..insya Allah :-)

12. What do you really want at the moment of responding to this tag?
i just want to finish doing this tag before i go to sleep

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
Syerox? baek..klakar..sporting..ske gelak and such a strong gurl..ske ulang satu lagu yg same byk2 kali sampai saye da bleh hafal dalam mase kurang dari sehari!! 'Hazama-Zakiah'..remember?? haha..a good listener..a good friend..i miss u Syerox..(terbayang adegan2 di Intec especially the plan that we did mase nak g tgk OIAM live..haha)..all the best for your future undertakings..bler kau nak dtg welly tgk aku weyh?? aku da penat merajuk dgn kau nieh!! :-P
bler agaknye kte berempat nak berkumpul semule bersame-same..huhu

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
single and rich susah nak kawen..nanti bakal suami nak kawen sbb harta jer..married but poor?? org kate baek ade cinta dpd duit..ape tu..cinta mengatasi segala-galanya?? bleh caye ke..tgk laa sampai bler bleh tahan bler da xde duit..lebey2 lg zaman skarang nie..awal2 bleh laa kot..kalau da lame2 n due2 xde inisiatif nak majukan diri..x isteri..suami yg lari dulu cari pompuan kaye dan single..haa..back to the 1st one td..canne?? haha..saye percaya kpd ketentuan Tuhan :-)

15. What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
tgk jam kat laptop kul brape..then check comments?? new entry from others' blogs??

16. Would you give all in a relationship? (x suke soalan nie jadi saye nak tukar)
Do you miss someone right now?
Yes I Do

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
solat istikharah..Dia Maha Mengetahui yg mane satu baek utk kte..yg kte suke lebey x semestinya yg terbaik utk kte..

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing the someone has done?
Setakat nie Alhamdulillah sumenye saye forgive and forget walaupun kadang-kala part forget tu agak payah..especially this one particular thing that happened to me..

19. Do you prefer being single or having a relationship?
Single is simple..having a relationship is a long as i'm happy..i would be thankful..

Saye nak tag:
  1. Fatinn Rahman
  2. Shaza Hazirah
  3. Teoh Yi Chin
  4. Farah Mexx
  5. Azryl Ramly

ade lg satu tag sedang menunggu..nanti saye buat..hehe..

in love for the first time..

nyum nyum~~

walaupun saye peminat coklat dan slalu makan coklat (kecuali dark choc)..saye x pernah suke ais krim perisa coklat..for me ais krim coklat rasanya agak pahit..x macam fav flavour!! :-D

tp laen dgn 'Cadbury Triple Chocolate'!! sedap gler weyhh!! rase coklat sebenar..chewahh~~

maybe sbb ade choc chip kot kat dalam die..ntah laa..bler pk balik rase lebey kurang same jer mcm ais krim coklat laen..ehh..x..x same..nie lg sedap!! haha..

i guess nie laa ais krim coklat pertama kegemaran saye!! in love with choc ice cream for the 1st time!! bleh makan slalu during summer!! yeayy!!

kat msia ade x ais krim nie?? xde kot kan..kalau gitu bertambah laa reason x balik msia summer nie..haha!!

in the mood of raya songs..klasiknye lagu Suara Takbir by P Ramlee..syahdu weyhh..

ade sesape tertipu dgn tajuk di atas ke?? kwang3 :-P

Friday, September 26, 2008

mari rehatkan minda!!

52 words


i found this when reading kak farah's blog..just finished doing it..skarang nie pon type agak laju lg..momentum berterusan..haha..stakat nie..nie laa plg tinggi..nanti nak buat lg la..bagus utk merehatkan otak yg tepu selepas sesi blaja last minute..haha..

ade test tax petang nie..huhu..byk gler reading kene bace ok..naseb baek ade ade seseorg yg bercita-cita utk menjadi lecturer..blom jadi lecturer lagi da ade anak2 murid yg aktif..bangga x cikgu..hahaha..thanx!! :-)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


aktiviti di dalam bus..permainan MAFIA di kalangan budak2 pompuan..maafkan kami jika ade kekurangan dalam bermain MAFIA ini..kami budak baru blaja..hehehe..enjoy~

sile pause playlist imeem di sebelah kiri terlebey dahulu

sila lihat aksi host..ade style kann..hahaha

dan lihatlah bagaimana org yg same asyik dituduh sbg Mafia..naseb baek mase tu mmg betul sayelah Mafia..kwang3


nanti jom kte maen lg!! :-D

reflecting myself..another lesson of life

first of all..what i'll be writing here is not to respond to any issues's just that i would like to use my blog to reflect myself and what i've done..

these thoughts have been inside my head for a few days..for those who close to me..would exactly understand how i feel (i hope)..being Iynas yg byk berpk dan mudah rase bersalah but at the same time i wanna do something for myself..

i heard this line a few times these past few days: "kau kene keraskan hati"..although it was referring to someone else..i feel like it was also pointing to me in a way..

i was confused for a moment..

there's a saying that you have to think about yourself and put yourself before others before you think about everyone else..

but when you do that..people call you selfish..

personally..i hate the word 'selfish''s too harsh for me and it's hurtful..for me..everyone has their own reason on why they want to think about themselves first before others..there's a reason that we can't see..that is not worth to argue on..that others don't need to understand because it's too hard to justify because people want to hear what they want to believe (Nana, i curi sket quote u..hehe..coz i agree with it)

perhaps because i can't see the border line between the two: put yourself before others and being what extent you have to think about yourself without being called selfish..

and then i was thinking (being Iynas yg byk pk)..after a number of personal reviews and comments that i had received..listened..and seen..

i believe i was doing the right thing..but in a wrong way..i did the right thing by deciding what's best for me..but at the same time i'm being selfish by not realizing my action has an impact on others..

yess..i think that is it!!

now i understand..

one of the comments written on my card said that correcting is the way,not running away..i took time before i actually accepted the truth..that i'm not actually avoiding..but running away.. shame on me..

the least i could do is to face the reality and to learn saying 'no' bravely and learn to refuse in a good a more professional a more mature way..

my friends always say that i am matured..perhaps i am not matured enough

ppl say i am responsible..perhaps i am not responsible enough

i believe that i am confident..perhaps i am not confident enough

i'm sorry to let down the high hopes put on me..but now i know and realize that i have the potential (from the comments i received)..and i shall not waste it..i would not forget the opportunity and the experiences i have had..i would want to learn and experience more..and use it for my own good..if not now..maybe in the future..

but what's done is done..i couldn't go back and correct my actions in the past..but perhaps i can do something to correct them in the future..

everyday we learn something new in life to improve and make us a better is one of God's gifts..and THIS is what i have learn..i am thankful for that..

at least i know i still have the chance to improve and to be a better person..

now i am relieved..

Monday, September 22, 2008

get tagged again..

seronok jgak buat tag nie..but depends on the question jgak laa..kalau rase minat dan bleh dijawab..then y not kan..hehe..

tp org2 di luar sane jgn salah sangke yg saye cume buat tag yg diberi oleh fatinn jer..sbb skarang nie cume die sorg je yg tag saye selain dpd 'Queen of Fashion' yg saye x tau sape disebabkan saye nie mmg x reti laa pasal fashion2 nie kan..jadi maaf laa yea..hehe..

so here it goes:

1. the rules of the game get posted at the beginning
2. each player answers the questions about themselves
3. at the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog

starting time: 4.00 am
name: Iynas Omar
sisters: 2
brothers: 2
shoe size: 6-7
height: 153 cm
where do you live: Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

have you ever been on a plane? Yes..1st time mase umur 5 taun g Mesir ikot Baba study kat sane..all my siblings jeles sbb saye kecik2 da naek plane mengalahkan dorg..haha

swam in the ocean? nope..x pandai swim..stakat kat tepi pantai biase laa..

fallen asleep in school? kat skola mase kecik2 dulu jarang skarang da besar2 nie slalu plak tertido..huhu

broken someone's heart? hmm..pernah kot..

fell off your chair? setakat yg saye ingat x penah..naseb baek..hehe

sat by the phone and waited all night for someone to call? penah..sampai tertido..

saved emails? yg menarik dan penting utk disimpan

what is your room like? bilik seorg pelajar yg agak bersepah..naseb baek agak luas..hehe

what's right beside you? mouse and books on the right..bed on the left

what was the last thing you ate? mee rebus..nasi kerabu..puding roti..donut ketika berbuka puasa..mee rebus utk sahur..alhamdulillah..terima kasih!!

ever had chicken pox? pernah kot..mase kecik..x ingat pon penah tau penah..haha

like picnics? suke2!!

who was/were the last person you dance with? chinese dance gurls during MNite - yi chin, najwa, yuyu, nida, rasyiqah, dely

last made you smile? now..talking with him :-)

you last yelled at... x ingat..cube utk tidak meninggikan suara kpd kalau ade bukan bermaksud saye marah tp kerana saye mmg begitu..sape2 yg da kenal saye tau laa..

today did you talk to someone you like? sedang..

kissed anyone? mak ayah..anak2 buahku yg comel!! :-D

get sick? sick as in sakit demam or sick as in sick with someone or situation? due2 pon penah

talk to an ex? yup..we're still friends

missed someone? everyday

who do you really hate? saye cube utk tidak membenci sape2

do you like your handwriting? dulu suke..kawan2 kate tulisan kemas mcm type kat skarang tidak lg..haha

are your toenails painted? nope

whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in? i prefer my own kalau da ngantok sangat hentam jer laa katil sape2 pon..hehe

what colour shirt are you wearing right now? my fav

are you a friendly person? perhaps..ppl say i am..

do you have any pets? nope

do you sleep with the tv on? kat msia slalu terpasang tidak menghalang saye dpd tido kalau saye sgt mengantuk

what are you doing right now? doing this tag..while talking to mamat gemok dan bajet :-P

can you handle the truth? yes i can..but of course it takes time..the truth hurts

are you closer to your mother or father? same jer due2..

do you eat healthy? cube sedaya upaya..hehe

do you still pictures of you and your ex? wahh..soalan cepumas nie..mungkin tidak..

if you're having a bad day, who would you most likely go to? close friends..n him

are you loud or quiet most of the time?
depends on the situation..i can be both..but most of the time diam kot..saye pemalu :-P

are you confident? confident pada diri x confident dalam mengeluarkan pendapat sendiri utk pendengaran org luar..still improving..

5 things i was doing 10 years ago:
1. main kat padang dkat umah dgn kawan2 biase..rindunye kawan2 padang..
2. sangat suke menunggang basikal sekitar Taman was indeed a good exercise
3. belajar erti 'suke'..haha
4. bermain tamagochi pemberian dari seseorg
5. mule blaja 1st dance was inang

5 things i would do if i am a billionaire:
1. pegi Mekah dan melawat negara2 yg pernah menjadi masyhur dgn Islam
2. i wanna go around the world more than 80 days!! :-D
3. simpan duit utk kegunaan pelajaran anak2 di mase depan..just like what Baba did
4. gune utk kesenangan Mama dan jalan2 kebaikan
5. nak rase perasaan duit keluar spt air ketika shopping

5 of my bad habits:
1. x tetap pendirian..agak mudah dipengaruhi
2. skarang nie makin suke tangguh keje last minute
3. mudah rase bersalah
4. byk perlaksanaan kurang
5. kadang2 terlalu emo dan mengikut perasaan

5 places i am living in:
1. Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
2. Wellington, New Zealand
3. Kubur Panjang, Kedah
4. Shah Alam, Selangor
5. Tiada

5 people i tag

end time: 6.31 am


Tagged by Fatinn Rahman

Fuhh..lame glerr ok buat tag kali nie..sbb ade gangguan2 kecil :-P

Friday, September 19, 2008

i just learned a new theme of life

do yourself a favor

before you make others a favor

because you need the best out of you

to produce the best for others

or else

both of you will suffer

suffer is a good lesson of life

but avoiding is better than correcting

the road not taken

saye ade 2 jalan:

  1. saye rase bersalah kalau x ikot jalan nie
  2. tp saye akan lebey dan lagi rase bersalah kalau x ikot jalan nie

jadi saye memutuskan utk mengikut jalan yg ke-2..sekurang-kurangnye saye x perlu rase terlalu bersalah..walaupun saye rase ade org yg menunggu di jalan yg pertama tp org2 yg saye sayang menanti dgn penuh harapan di jalan yg ke-2..

kalau ade yg kecewa menunggu ketidakhadiran saye di jalan pertama..saye x sanggup melihat kehampaan insan2 yg disayangi di jalan ke-2..

pemilihan jalan juge dilakukan setelah mengukur kemampuan diri dan kerelaan diri..i'm not a fast learner..i've worked really hard to be where i am now and i don't intend to lose it all now..

kalau takot dilambung ombak..jgn berumah di tepi kalau da ade rumah..sebelum dilambung ombak lg..baek robohkan skarang..mungkin ade sisa2 pembuatan rumah spt kayu, batu dan sbgnye yg mencemarkan tp nyawa diri sendiri dan org2 yg disayangi dapat diselamatkan kerana itu lebey berharga..

buat ape yg saye rase patot..yess..i want to learn other things too..there's a lot to be learn in life and i love to learn them all if i got the capacity to do so..i already learnt a few..thanx for the opportunity..but rite now..i'm setting my priorities..

enough said

Baba..saye buat keputusan betul kan..saye tau saye da byk mengecewakan Baba dan sbb itu saye x mau terus menghampakan Baba..dan semestinya..diri saye sendiri..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

'bayi' terlebey sehat



camne bleh tido sampai 9 jam nie!! ishh!!

niat di hati nak tido 5-6 jam jer..hari genting hari nie..sbb?

  • tax presentation + Accy302 test

hari genting mcm nie laa nak jadi 'baby' sehat kan..dgn Accy302 x abes bace lg..then i was thinking..ok laa gak..bgn awal pg..isn't that what i want? being a morning person? since two days ago i've been waking up today presentation is at i still have time to read Accy302 after i woke up..

yess..that was what i have in mind..until..

here i am..blogging..sbb?

  • x dapat focus sepenuhnye..maybe sbb terlebey dos tido kot
  • i keep looking at table clock..menghitung masa utk tax presentation..kenape sgt risau dgn presentation? coz my previous audit presentation was not that keeps coming into my head when my tutor said that i did not think critically mistake..too concentrate on other things eyh..

so now..dgn ilmu Accy302 yg masih belum cukup utk menghadapi test dan keperluan utk berfikir dgn kritikal utk tax presentation membuatkan diriku kini resah gelisah..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

happy!! tp kene control..hehe

"yeay2!! da sampai!! yeayy2!! da sampai!! "

*dgn gaye princess bapok dalam video "encantek" mase sampai kat 'Intercontinental'* :-P

terasa diri ini suda semakin besar dan bertanggungjawab..


harapan kpd diri sendiri: kawal perasaan

family x tau nie..last year mase suarakan keinginan dorg x laa..kalau x reti gune dan kawal..baek jgn gune..dorg takot saye x bleh handle risiko jer..nanti balik kat dorg jgak..lgpon last year mcm xde taun nie..memandangkan saye berkemungkinan besar tidak pulang ke tanah air ketika cuti musim panas..maka ada keperluan..cumenye kene betol2 kawal laa..jgn sampai menyusahkan keluarga..insya Allah..

tp mmg betol2 happy laa..

nie yg bahaya bler da happy nie..

control2..da 'besar' responsible and limit yourself yea *berkate kpd diri sendiri*


Sunday, September 14, 2008

sebut betul2..jgn pelat..Neo Wan Ling

seperti biase..bgn2 je 1st thing 1st bukak blog dulu..then i suddenly felt sumthing wrong..rase mcm ade satu entri tertinggal..i was wondering for a few seconds when it comes to my mind that today is the 14th of September!!

ada ape dgn 14 September??

It is Neo Wan Ling's 21st Bday!!

Happy 21st Neo Wan Ling!!

this pic taken during her bday celebration at Kayu Manis a few days ago

i hope this special entry for u is not too late..walaupun i tau pg2 u bgn mesti u check blog i dulu..kwang3x..nie pon baru lepas teman wan ling g pasar..dan hadiah bday i utk u pd hari special u hari ini adalah:

berjalan kaki menaiki bukit balik ke rumah

u x penah naek bukit ikut situ kan..slalu naek cable car jer..dkat sket ape wan ling..kan2?? ehehe..i hope u like my present :-P

actually we did something for her last simple jer laa..just between us jer..the housemates..jiejah baked her brownies a few hours before 12 o'clock (pandai timing mu jiej)..and as predicted..mmg kantoi laa bler bau brownies tu menusuk hidung si wan ling nie kan..and the thing is bler da biase buat surprise bday celebration at 12 night mesti laa mcm da dapat agak ade org akan buat bende same utk kte..n i know that's what she felt..die pon cam tahan ngantuk n saje je x gosok gigi lg (u yg kate semalam kan wan ling..haha) walaupun da x surprise mane..u know that WE still LOVE u kan NEO WAN LING.. kalau x..xkan sampai celebrate 2 kali gitu..satu kek aiskrim wendy's..satu lg brownies dibuat khas oleh jiejah..wahh..terharu seyh..hehehe..

cume satu part yg kureng sket..bler saye dgn fatinn x dapat cari lilin di bilik wan ling..saye pasti yg wan ling ade simpan lilin yg lepas2..satu yg ade bunyi..satu lagi yg bentuk die no 21 kalau x silap..ktorang mintak jiejah pancing wan ling g bilik..tanye laa pasal stadi ke..ape ke..dgr je wan ling masuk bilik jiejah..terus saye masuk ke bilik fatinn utk mencari lilin tu..abes sume kami selongkar..mencari di merata tempat..di seluruh pelosok (gler hyperbola..haha) alangkah kaciwanya bler x jumpe..huhu..

tp xpe laa..yg penting kte celebrate same2..together :-)

about this gurl..Neo Wan Ling..x tau ape nak cakap pasal die..byk sgt kalau nak cite mesti x abes..but one thing about her..she's a really GREAT friend..sangat caring..esp pasal stadi..honestly..kalau xde wan ling..x tau laa ape akan jadi dgn my flow of studies..lecture notes..past years exam papers..sume die yg print and sediakan..saye tukang terima jer..oleh sbb itu saye sudah menjadi terlalu dependant kpd wan terms of study..bler nak xm baru tanye die..mane yg nak bace..mane yg important..topik ape yg masuk..

bler sakit..wan ling laa yg jage..masak itu..buat ini..urut ke (walaupun saye jarang diurut tp saye yg urut die..kwang2)..

wan ling jge adalah stabiliser di rumah ini..stabiliser in terms of tempat kami meluahkan perasaan..menjaga pemakanan dan kebajikan yg plg penting mesti laa stabiliser dari aspek stadi..esp bler yg laen2 dalam rumah bz dgn 'keje2 bukan skola'..thanx a lot wan ling..for ur willingness to be the stabiliser..sorry laa kalau byk menyusahkan i rase u pun ske kan..haha..

i know her since preparation kat x rapat sgt..kenal camtu2 jer..becoming close to her only last year..bler kami same2 dapat dok rumah besar dan antik ini..sejak itu..saye rase sgt bertuah dapat kawan mcm die..seriously..walaupun da mcm2 yg kami lalui..suka dan duka..but she never gave up on me..she understands me..and she accepts me for who i am..(mcm bf plak..haha)..membuatkan saye teringat pada sekumpulan kawan2 skola yg telah mengubah hidup saye dulu..i can share anything with her..and that's why..i hope..really2 hope..that i will not lose u as one of my most precious friends..forever..bler da kawen nanti pon..nak kenalkan u dgn anak2 i sbg Auntie Ling Ling..ok x?? hehehe..

tembam ke..comel kann..hehe..
note the word 'friendship'

and of fav pic of her:

comel kan..selama-lamanya akan ske gambar nie..hehe

things you have to know about Neo Wan Ling:
  • ade symptom2 yg pelik dan tersendiri bler nak dekat2 xm..contoh: halau org kuar dari bilik dgn membaling bola..menjadi saiko..dan laen2..
  • suke mengambil gambar..best2
  • sukekan pemandangan indah
  • senang dibuli..but when it comes to me..saye yg dibuli..seronok katenye buli saye..sian saye..huhu
  • pandai masak sayur
  • pantang nampak makanan..akan jadi x tentu arah..haha
  • sgt baek dan suke buat org ketawa dgn gayenye yg mencuit hati

i hope this year's bday brings u a lot of happiness in your life..may u achieve whatever you want..just remember me and the others love u so much tau (considering situation kebelakangan nie yg bg u byk heart attack..kot..haha)

byk lg nak cite pasal wan ling nie sebenarnye..bler die pelat..takot dgn cite hantu..gaye2 pelik dan mmg sampai bler pon x kan abes..

pendek kate..



Friday, September 12, 2008

pulang?? tidak pulang??

received a picture from my brother-in-law:

Adam Imran da besar~~

makin cute~~

*ishh!! geram btol tgk!!*

kecomelannya spt memanggil-manggil diriku utk pulang ke tanah air..walaupun utk sebulan..teringin benar nak dukung dan main2 dgn anak buahku yg sorg die kenal sket auntie die nie..x penah jumpe lg tau..huhu

*dapat ku dgr ejekan dan perli org2 di sekelilingku*

perhaps i have another reason utk pulang ke tanah air?? :-P

tp xde duit..ade sape2 nak tlg sponsor?? hehe..

story of a night person

saye baru bgn tido!! wahh..mmg menunjukkan yg saye nie a night person skarang..hehe..

kenape saye tido awal malam dan bgn awal pagi hari ini?


1. tadi tolong salah sorg senior saye buat data collection utk honours course die selama hampir 5 jam di National Library (baru tau National Library katne..hehe)..pening woo~ x penah2 saye go through financial statements dgn sgt detail begitu..selalu tgk camtu2 jer..but it gives me a new experience though..ok..maybe kpd sape2 yg x amek accounting xkan paham sebelum adoption of IFRS in 2007 i think (ke 2006)..different entities used different methods of reporting their financial statements..which makes it harder to find a particular figure for particular item..kat company nie tulis laen..kat company tu tulis bler da adopt IFRS..senang sket coz lebey kurang same jer..thank u IFRS kerana membuatkan saye kurang pening!! hehe..

at the same time i was wondering..nak buat honours ke x?? i have to find my own topic and do a research about it..kalau time skola2 dulu rase rajin jgak nak buat..maybe sbb skop time skola kecik sket..skarang da uni level mesti laa skop kene lg luas heloo~

2. right after helping my senior..ade meeting kat Wellington City Council Asian Night Market..Mr Kumar the organizer thanked us the sub-committee of cultural for making the event a success..he also apologized for any wrongdoings he had done during the event..biase laa pressure mase handle event kan..a few issue arised tp x perlu laa disebut kat sini kan..but what i want to highlight here is that when he said that the recipe of success is great timing..the event did finish on fact ahead of time..performance pon on time..pendek kate..sume on time and ahead of time laa..lg satu bler event nie berjaya menutup mulut org2 bukan Asean yg pd mulenye agak ragu2 dgn kejayaan event nie sbb dorg kate Asean nie xde cukup kapasiti terutamanya dari segi tenaga manusia utk jalankan event sebesar nie..they said that this event won't be a success..but hey..we Aseans already proved that we can and we've made it!! I guess we Aseans have our own speciality..the spirits of supporting each other :-) of the Singaporeans pointed out that we Aseans are somehow 'kiasu'..and that's one of the factors of the a way..btol jgak kot..what do u guys think??

the purpose of this meeting is also sbb Mr Kumar nak blanje ktorang makan (he did aware that ade yg nak bukak pose)..memule kate nak makan kat Istana Malaysia tp alangkah keciwanya apabila akhirnya ke Satay Kajang saje sbb Istana Malaysia full..maybe sbb dorg lambat book xpe..bersyukur laa kan ade org nak blanje bukak pose..hehe..but we broke our fast quite and Palie plak x bawak ape2 sbg alas..naseb baek ade sorg Thai lady tu bg chewing gum kat Abg Rudy..hehe..thanx Mr Kumar!! u really did a great job!! (walaupun die x bace blog saye nie..hehe)

tp..ape yg penatnye di sini?? bukankah kepenatan buat data collection da di'cover' dgn kekenyangan makan free?? mungkin akan kedengaran spt x patot tp maybe sbb makan dgn org2 yg x same umur and to be honest..a way older than me..besides me, Palie and Abg Rudy laa (ktorang je students..yg laen sume most of them from the embassy of each country)..u know..bler cara kte bergaul dgn org2 ini laen dgn care kte makan dan huhahuha dgn kawan2..need to be more professional and proper..tatatertib kene jage..patot menjadi lebey peramah but knowing me..diam je tumpang2 gelak laa gak..bler ade Abg Rudy keadaan menjadi lebey mudah..hehe..but they are all very nice ppl for sure..had a great time working with them :-)

Aseans stick together..


Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Wedding Planner?

haha!! gelak sorg2 bler bace tag wedding yg dibuat oleh fatinn..menarik gak ekk..sebelom abes bace..saye da dapat agak saye adalah salah sorg dari yg akan di'tag'..jadi sementara tgah excited..baek buat cepat..nanti kang da x excited mmg berlalu bak angin je laa tag nie spt yg laen2 (amboi2 iynas..tag pasal kawen excited aje..haha!!)

kepada yg penah tag saye sebelom nie..jgn mara yea..baru ade mood nak buat tag..although this is my 2nd ini adalah my 1st tag yg melibatkan soalan2 cepumas..hehe..

1.How old are you?

21 years old

2. are you single?

3. in what age do you think you’ll get married?
target dalam 24 atau 25..yg penting da financially secured as well as mentally,emotionally and physically the same time x nak lambat sgt sbb nanti susah nak beranak..hehe..

4. do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now??
bergantung kepada jodoh yg ditetapkan Tuhan utk saye :-)

5. if not, who do you want to marry?
Saye terime je jodoh saye seadanya..yg penting mendapat restu keluarga dan die mesti laa ada ciri-ciri dapat menjadi pembimbing dan ketua keluarga yg baek..

6. do you want a garden/beach wedding, or the traditional wedding?
yg utama mesti laa traditional..kalau beberape hari lepas tu nak buat reception ala-ala garden best gak..tu pun kalau ade duit lebey..optional jer..

7. your ideal motif?
motif?? hmm..blom pk yg penting mesti ade unsur-unsur kaler biru or purple..hehe..

8. where do you plan to go on a honeymoon?
nak round satu EUROPE bleh?? hee :-D..x kesa dalam negara pon ok..but preferably outside of Malaysia laa..mesti nak privacy kan..hehe..ouh..kalau ade duit lebey gak lepas honeymoon nak g buat haji same2..hehe..

9. how many guests do you think you’ll invite?
da dapat bygkan..sgt x terkata ramainya berdasarkan pengalaman kakak2 dan abg yg da kawen..kaum keluarga dan sanak saudara da ramai..yg bau-bau bacang lg..time nie laa baru nampak muke slalunye..kawan2 parents..kawan2 kakak2 dan abg2 sekalian dihadkan..kawan2 saye sendiri dari skola rendah sampai keje..cikgu2 sekalian..lecturers..majikan..penaja jgn dilupekan..hehe..ouh..x masuk belah si die lg..mmg ramai laa..dalam 1000 lebey ade kot..penat nak bergambar nie :-P

10. do you want an extravagant wedding or a simple wedding?
not too simple..bersederhana dalam sume perkara..insya-Allah :-)

11. do you want the traditional vows or something you’d make up on your own??
ikut ajaran al-Quran dan Sunnah (same as fatinn)

12. how many layers of cake do you want to have?

my fav da tau da yg 3 tingkat bawah je kek betul yg bleh dimakan..lg 4 bahagian atas tu tipu jer..(berdasarkan penceritaan bahawa kek tinggi2 nie bahagian atas2 tu tipu jer..yg penting dapat potong bahagian bawah..hehe)

13. do you prefer having your reception at a hotel or at a simple place?
kalau mengikut senarai tetamu yg dibuat kat soalan no 9 and considering that i live in kl..sah2 buat kat hotel..insya-Allah kalau ade duit lebey..tidak mahu menyusahkan kalau buat kat kampung prefer buat kat umah..amalan gotong-royong tetap yg terbaek..

14. when do you want to get married, evening or morning?
kalau x silap mase kakak2 kawen..Baba buat akad nikah pagi..lepas zuhur bersanding..jd saye nak ikot buat camtu gak..

15. you’d rather have your reception outdoors or indoors?
kene tgk ramalan cuaca nieh..keselesaan tetamu penting..bergantung kpd tempat jgak..

16. do you like a grand entrance for your groom?
bleh jgak..skali seumur hidup je kan kawen..insya-Allah :-) tp tetap dalam lingkungan sederhana..

18. name the song/tune you’d like played at your wedding??
mesti laa lagu2 kawen..xkan lagu2 rock or org putus cinta plak..alaa..lagu2 biase org pakai time kalau nak laen sket..nak pasang lagu2 yg romantik..especially lagu kegemaran bersame..hehe..ouh..tetibe terpk lagu 'Destiny' by Jim Brickman..dan lagu2 laen jge..kene buat research nie..hehe..

19. are you a morning person or a night person?
i can be both..depends on my body clock..but currently i'm a night person..really hope to be a morning person again..i used to be one..being a morning person sgt penting bler da kawen nanti..

20. do you want a solemn ceremony or a light one?
bersederhana dalam sume perkara

21. what age do you want to get married?
da jawab kat soalan no 3 di atas

22. describe your ideal husband/wife.
mesti mempunyai pengetahuan agama yg baik..menerima saye seadanya dan dpt handle kerenah saye yg complicated..pandai bergaul dgn sume org....melayan wanita spt yg sepatutnye..bersikap kelelakian sejati..ringan tulang..yg laen2 tu std laa..baek..caring..loving..loyal..honest..romantik..SWEET..

23. do you prefer fine dining or just the normal spoon & fork/knife?
bergantung kepada tempat..tema..dan keselesaan tetamu..

24. champagne or red wine?
due2 haram..sbg ganti..sirap atau oren?? haha..

25. honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
mesti laa days after the wedding..settle down dulu..

26. money or household item?

27. who will pay for the bills?
mesti laa si die lebey sket pon suami :-P

28. are you ready for married life?
maybe..maybe not..but definitely financially not ready..

29. do u think you will still be a virgin until u get married?
of course..berdoa kepada Tuhan agar tiada kejadian buruk berlaku..minta2 dijauhkan dan dipelihara utk insan yg bergelar suami..aminn..

30. will u always be true to your wife/husband?
insya-Allah..itu laa azamku..utk menjadi isteri yg baik, taat dan patuh pada suami..and of course to be true to him :-)

31. how many kids do u like? fav no..7..wahh..larat org kate 7 tu plg afdal..kalau x silap laa..betol ke? correct me if i'm wrong..

32. a new house for a newly wed or an old one?
umah skarang nie Baba wasiatkan kepada saye..strategic and lots of memories..i LOVE my current home..kalau bleh sampai bler2 x nak jual umah tu..oleh itu..akan tetap tinggal di situ lepas depends kpd suami jgak laa..da kawen kene laa ikot cakap suami kan..kepada bakal suami: lepas kawen nak dok kat umah saye yg skarang bleh..

33. will u celebrate silver wedding, gold wedding, or diamond wedding?
i like silver..but x kesa pon..bergantung kpd persetujuan bersame :-)

34. what kind of cuisine would u like for ur wedding?
depends..yg penting sume org bleh makan..

35. will u record ur honeymoon in a cd or dvd?
x kesa mane2 pon..yg penting record..hehe..

36. whose wedding plans would you like to know next??? choose 5 person as Your friend?

I choose to tag:

  • Syieq
  • Odd
  • Ila Azmi
  • Rasyiqah Khairul Anuar
  • Azryl Ramly

buat2 jgn x buat!! hehe..

looking for accommodation in Welly for 2009?

a paradise in windy welly awaits year..

check it out!!

don't miss it!!


Me & My 100th Post

Alhamdulillah..sejak blog ini dilancarkan 6 bulan yg lalu iaitu pada bulan Mac, ini adalah post yg ke-100..betapa cepat mase berlalu..dan betapa byk yg telah saye luah dan kongsi dalam blog ini (walaupun bukan sume)..

selama nie x pernah terpk akan ade blog sendiri..even me myself was not a blog reader..never once in my life..1st time bace blog mase fatinn mule2 lancarkan blog die..tu pon sbb die bgtau die tulis cite pasal tu pun jarang bace and fatinn's blog was the only one i i said..i was not a blog reader and i was not keen to do so..

and what makes me wanna blog this year..and suddenly out of the blue?? u can read my 1st post on the March 18, 2008 to get the 1st..besides sharing my thoughts..i wanna make this blog as informative as kak farah's one..(ouh yea..i read kak farah's blog too besides fatinn's..hehe)..i find hers is interesting and full of is until now :-)

then i slowly began to read other's blogs too..and there u can see on the left side..the list of blogs that i read..not counting the ones yg xde dalam list tp still bace through 'bloghopping' (is that what u call it?)..and to be honest..there are a few of my favourites..but of course laa rahsia kan..hehe..

now i find reading and updating blog is interesting..through reading other ppl's blog..u are able to know the other side of the person..mcm mane org tu sbenarnye..walaupun kte sbenarnye x boleh dan x patot menilai seseorg hanya melalui sedikit sbyk ia mempengaruhi judgment and impression kte terhadap seseorg itu..ade yg kte nampak baek dan ske dalam blog dia seorg yg agak opposite (u know what i mean rite)..and the reason i always found is:

"i don't write to please other ppl..i write for myself and how i feel..if u don't like it..don't read it and stay out of my life"

sounds familiar?..fair's your blog anyway kan ("it's my blog"-the other reason i always found and i used it for myself too ;-P)..sebabnye x nak jadi hipokrit dan x tau kat mane nak that person blog about it..but just remember that your blog is been read by other ppl..takot nanti mesej x sampai dan menimbulkan salah faham..unless your blog is private laa kan..kdg2 tu niat di hati cume nak tulis ape yg benar..and the truth hurts..i'm not saying org yg tulis baek2 tu kalau da menulis sampai mengutuk dan menghentam org cite?? kalau x suke..just keep it to yourself..make your blog private and can be read by the ppl u close with..kalau nak bg org yg kene kutuk tu bace dan tau sendiri..tulis name terang2..x perlu laa org laen terasa kan..kalau x pon..tego secara general..but as i's your blog..suka hati laa kan..awak yg tanggung..

me myself pernah mengalami suatu kejadian yg x diingini kerana x perlu diungkit..yg lepas..biarkan lepas..buang yg keruh..ambil yg jernih..everything is fine and i'm happy now..yg penting..saye dapat pengajaran sgt berguna dari peristiwa itu..i learn that you cannot express everything and too detail about something..think about other ppl who read jgn sampai jadi hipokrit..cume setengah2's just BETTER or BEST to keep it to yourself..or with the ppl that you close with..tapis2 laa sket kan..yea..saye mengaku dulu my filtered level kurang..sume bende pon nak tulis..haha..

ok2..tetibe jadi penasihat blog pulak laa kan..niat di hati sempena post yg ke-100 nie nak buat something different..tukar layout macam 'my daughter' ke..tukar gaye penulisan ke..tukar isi2 kandungan ke..cari bende2 yg berilmiah dan yg lebey menarik ke..ape2 x jadi ape pon..still the same..xde idea laa plak..belom datang lg idea2 menarik..tunggu laa nanti tetibe kalau ade..akan dilakukan..insya-Allah..

ade jugak cube2 cari layout yg blom jumpe yg berkenan di hati..rase macam nak tukar laa default font nie..sbb tu nak tukar layout baru..

teringat mase mule2 tulis dulu suke letak quote sbg finishing entry tp lame2 sampai skarang da xde..semangat btol mule2 dulu kan..hmm..nak letak quote ape ekk kali nie..hmmm..xde idea!! ahaks!! (kalau korg perasan..bile tulis saye x penah gune 'koma' tp suke gune '2 titik')

Selamat Menulis Entri yg ke-100!! Yeayy!!

as i said in previous post..kenape excited dgn no 100?? sbb kalau budak2 skola mesti ske kejar markah 100 dalam peperiksaan!! haha!! so academic..nampak sgt dulu saye ske kejar markah 100 kan..yup2..x menafikan..hehe..

looking forward to keep maintaining and updating this blog..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My 1st Tag

Salam sume~

Sebelum nie saye pernah ditag beberapa saye x penah buat sbb saye x minat buat kali nie tugas tag yg diberikan kepada saye amat senang..jadi inilah pertama kali saye melakukannya :-)

Pemberi tag

1. Fatinn Rahman

Penerima tag
1. Rasyiqah Khairul Anuar
2. Jojo
3. Syieq
4. Auni Afifah
5. Farah Mexx
6. Azryl Ramly

Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa~

Monday, September 8, 2008

Choices in Life

Bukannya senang nak buat pilihan
Lepas pilih..
Kena pulak hadapi kesan pilihan tu
Tapi kalau lambat pilih pun
Ada akibatnya jugak
Yang dikejar mungkin tak dapat
Yang dikendong berciciran
Tapi pilihan yang dibuat dengan penuh keikhlasan
dan mendengar kata hati
Biasanya akan membawa hanya yang terbaik untuk kita
dan untuk orang lain juga
Bagaimana dengan mereka yang terluka akibat pilihan orang lain
Kita semua ada pilihan
Kita boleh pilih untuk terus terluka
Ataupun kita boleh pilih untuk memulakan hidup baru
Mana satu pilihan kita?

-Goda Episod 2-

Sunday, September 7, 2008

sugar consumption is too high in my!!

tiga hari lepas..terpampang di status YM: nak bende manis dan berkuah

seriously time tu kepingin benar nak bukak puase dgn bende2 manis dan berkuah ala-ala 'Apricot Crumble' di Intercontinental during MNite or truffle or at least supashake Wendy's yg mmg manis gler tu..lepas solat terawih singgah New World jap nak beli gula..bukan sbb teringin bende manis sampai nak makan gula saje tp mmg gula dah habis (hmm..da beli gula..why not minum coffee dgn bersudu-sudu besar gula sbg pengganti kan..baru terpk..haha gilo po!!)

terdetik di kepala nak pegi Wendy's beli cam pelik lak nak g Reading Cinema dgn telekung pelbagai (sbb g solat terawih pakai telekung je..rase cam kat Msia..hehe)..kalau kat Msia singgah 7-Eleven or beli burger pakai telekung pun x rase ape sbb org kat Msia paham kte baru balik kat sini kang org2 kiwi ingat ade upacara pakaian beragam ape plak..putih je kan..

kat umah makan choc..dgn harapan dapat laa cover rase nak manis tu..bleh laa sket2..x sepenuhnye..huhu..

jadi bersabarlah saye di bulan puasa nie..nafsu je tu..ade rezeki ade laa..

dan ternyata kesabaran saya membuahkan hasil..keesokan harinya lepas test ACCY232 yg menyaksikan kami berbuka puasa ketika menduduki peperiksaan..kami serumah sepakat utk berbuka secara proper di Cinta..kebetulan dua org dari teman serumah teringin juga nak makan Wendy's..pucuk dicita ulam mendatang..maka ke Wendy's lah kami selepas itu..

Hot Fudge Choc Sundae with Brownies

wahh..tempted betul nieh..tetibe terpk pasal ais krim sundae McD yg diragui..huhu..sedey2..lame jgak laa pk nak beli ape kat Wendy's tuh..akhirnye balik kepada keinginan yg asal iaitu supashake 'flake shake'..x sedar diri mende tu mmg da manis gler tp sbb keinginan nak manis yg melampau..i added an extra scoop of ice-cream..'Strawberries & Cream'..bygkan kemanisannye!! fuhh..manis tahap EXTRA MAX!!

da sampai half..baru tersedar betapa xkan nak buang plak..abeskan sampai ke titisan terakhir..balik tu dgn azam nak berpantang gula selama sebulan..

tetapi alangkah tidak berjayanya saye..kerana keesokan harinye (which is smalam)..ade majlis iftaar bersama kakak2 di Drummond St..tetamu2 yg hadir dtg bersama potluck masing2..ade bubur jagung..butir nangka..bubur pulut hitam..bubur kacang..kek coklat..agar2..huhu..mmg laa x dapat melepaskan diri..

walau apepun..alhamdulilllah..kenyang bgt smalam..terima kasih kepada main course oleh kakak2 Drummond St dan pembawa2 makanan sekalian.. :-)

tp ini mmg keinginan sekali seumur hidup laa..insya-Allah..lepas nie kalau bleh da x nak ade keinginan gler camnie..x baek utk kesihatan..

hari ini saye malas..baring je atas katil dan mengadap laptop yg x di'shut down' seminggu..ade online submission esok by 8am tp saye x buat ape2 lg..sbb gula dalam badan byk sgt kah?? haha..alasannn..

Saturday, September 6, 2008

the date & the dream

4th of September:
two days after Ramadhan..i dream of Baba..he was Welly..menghabiskan sisa-sisa hidup bersama anaknya di sini..Mama? di Malaysia..dan bila saat itu tiba..aku x tau apa yg perlu aku lakukan..

tika itu..aku terjaga..

it's been 9 months..

5th of September:
genap 5 tahun kami sepatutnya bersama..dan mlm itu..aku mimpikan dia..agak lama..hampir setiap saat di dalam tidur ada dia..sungguh jarang aku mimpikan dia..kalau ada pun x selama itu..nak kata aku fikirkan sgt tentang dia kerana tarikh itu..tidak juga..coz i'm getting over him..and i'm so thankful for that..

about was just a dream..but about Baba..i wish it somehow true that he's able to be here..excluding the 'habiskan sisa-sisa hidup' part..

x ingat plak mase mimpi Baba tu Baba ade bercakap ke x..sbb org kate kalau diam je maknenye rohnya datang menjenguk kte..

Saye doa sebanyak-banyaknye utk Baba dan Wan sempena bulan Ramadhan nie..insya-Allah..

Friday, September 5, 2008

I adore her during my kids days..till now

i'm having ACCY232 Audit test this evening at 6 pm..which means in only a few more hours..

and during my break time..which is now..i suddenly sang a song from Mandy Moore "I Wanna Be With You" was her first breakthrough single and i love her since..i watched the music video in YouTube..the song is actually a soundtrack for a film called "Center Stage"..i remember when lots of ppl kutuk care die nyanyi sbb mulut die yg menjuih-juih..haha..but hey..die nyanyi sedap ok..then i found this video where she sings the song in an acoustic gler ok!! she sings it beautifully and she sounds amazing!! bukan senang nak nyanyi it is..u'll be the judge..

I love Mandy Moore!! dia antara artis wanita antarabangsa yg cantik..berjaya..dan terhindar dari gosip2 liar..pendek kate rekod die bersih je laa..hehe..

i watched all her movies!! "A Walk To Remember" jgn cakap laa..itu adalah favourite movie hampir sume org kot..hehe..

love her songs:
  • Crush
  • Cry (all-time-favourite song)
  • Only Hope (love this one)
  • Someday We'll Know (duet with Jonathan Foreman)
  • Umbrella (cover version of Rihanna's - listen to this as well!!)

Mandy all-time-favourite international female artist!! :-D

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

South Island Trip 2008 - the risk all worth it!!

nie sume awak punye pasal..sampai skarang saye xleh tido :-P

instead of studying auditing for the next test this friday..i ended up writing 3 posts today..really in the mood of blogging eyh..

and that gives me a reason to blog about something that i wanna blog since before MNite trip to South Island!!

yess..i went there with other 3 of my housemates in the 1st week of holidays..we made a very last minute decision to follow the trip organized by MSVUW..why?? becoz i dare say it was very2 cheap..and considering that i've no idea when will i go to South Island again..especially when Queenstown was one of the destinations..and Glacier Walk was one of the activities that we planned to do..and the most important thing..the opportunity to spend quality time together..we even made a deal that no outside factors can disturb the trip..but apparently ade laa jgak kan..including myself..haha..

so to South Island we went..for 6 days..6 awesome and memorable days..really..i just can't express it with words..just go to My Facebook..see the pictures uploaded by Fatinn and you'll know why..that is if u want to..

here are some of the pics:

najwa dan paah si tukang antar

Puzzling World - is a must!! Rugi kalau pegi South Island x singgah sini..kat sini laa tempat kte dapat melihat the magical world of physics!! hehehe..the maze is group consists of myself, fatinn and daus dapat cari keempat-empat corner yg berlainan warna dalam mase yg singkat mengalahkan lg satu group yg ramai dari kami..dorg ade lg satu corner x jumpe..hahaha!!

bukti kami jumpe sume corner

credit to fatinn

Franz Josef - this is where we planned to do the Glacier Walk..unfortunately since we didn't place a booking earlier and the person in charged cannot accommodate the activity for more than 30 ppl..mase tu sume org sgt down..hampir2 x nak kuar dari backpackers..then we decided to do something else..x ingat name die but almost the same..dapat laa jgak tgk and tangkap gambar dgn batu2 glacier..

di YHA backpackers - credit to fatinn

the housemates

n frens..

extreme danger!! uuu... :-P

Queenstown - the ultimate!! byk abes duit kat sini..sempat buat 2 aktiviti je sbb pagi tu hujan..buat paraflighting and glerr!! pastu nak buat luge ride tp x ktorang naik gondola je sampai atas utk maen dgn salji..maklumlah kat welly xde salji..kat South Island nie mane je tempat ade salji ktorang serbu..hahaha!! jiejah dgn shaza plak diakui gler oleh org2 kiwi di situ sbb buat skyswing..but i know it's worth the experience and money for those who like this kind of activities..for me..bende2 yg mengejutkan hormon saye nie jgn harap laa saye nak buat..roller coaster pon x penah ade intention utk buat bungy taun depan..camne tu..

me, wan ling n jiejah doing paraflighting

cantik kan to daus's camera

ready for shotover jet everyone??

here we go!! it was all wet yet awesome!!
jakun jumpe salji lepas turun dari gondola'm not that crazy :-P

Christchurch - da penah pegi mase main intention kali nie adelah shopping!! those yg nak balik msia taun nie sume beli souvenirs kat sini sbb ade satu kedai tige tingkat tu jual souvenirs murah2!! nape laa kat welly nie seb bek x balik sket bajet ade satu kejadian lawak berlaku di mana pada malam sebelum balik ke welly (christchurch adelah destinasi terakhir sbelom balik welly) kami sedang bermain game di team consists of me,shaza,daus,nadiah and nana was winning bler fire alarm berbunyi..sume org pon berusaha melarikan diri tp ade satu jalan kuar tu tertutup sbb sprinkler pecah..cuak sekejap..bler kuar x nampak plak ade asap di mane2..rupe2nye sprinkler tu dipecahkan oleh penghuni mabuk..alhamdulillah..sume selamat..part tu mmg x lawak bahkan lawaknye kami sempat mengambil gambar dgn bomba di luar backpackers tu sbb X-Base backpackers terletak di city..di betol2 depan Cathedral..jakun..sungguh laa..x penah berada di 'tempat kejadian' katekan..hahaha!!

girl band mempromosikan starbucks..(construction kacau)

L.O.V.E. (shaza & jiejah buat simbol 'love')

M.A.F.I.A. (game yg slalu dimain sepanjang percutian)

byk lg tempat yg ktorang g..sumenye berhenti dalam perjalanan utk amek gambar..Lake Wanaka..Mt Cook..Punakaiki..byk lg x ingat name..pemandangan..subhanallah..jgn cakap laa..sgt cantik..esp time winter nie..salji di gunung sume x cair lg..nampak sgt cantik macam gambar yg ditampal-tampal!!

credit to fatinn

dapat jugak tgk haiwan comel secara live!! dolphin dan seal!! tp saye dapat tgk seal je..sbb mase dolphin tu saye tgah mabuk laut di atas feri on the way to Pickton on the 1st day..seal plak tgk dari dalam bus mase on the way to ferry on the last day..

sume tempat2 yg dikunjungi di atas adalah tidak menurut turutan..cume tulis mane yg sempat ingat ketika ini..maklum laa..da lebey seminggu kot trip keseronokan dan kepuasan masih terasa hingga saat ini..cuti kali ini adalah cuti yg paling BEST, AWESOME & COOL!! sampai terasa sedey bler terkenangkan da nak balik welly..betol..kami sume mmg betol2 memanfaatkan percutian ke South Island kali pressure..only us having fun!!

many thanx to MSVUW Committee for organizing such a wonderful and amazing trip!!

sehati sejiwa in blue

my partner tido dalam bus

my beloved 'daughter'..fatinn..gambar nie 'nubhan' amekkan..hehe

ske gambar nie!! spt ditampal..hehe

despite of the crime i did dgn mengabaikan keje2 penting for MNite..but now..all the hard work i put thru since the first day i arrived in welly until the night of all worth it :-)

p/s: boleh x nak cakap..pengajaran yg bleh diambil ialah..don't be afraid to take the long as u willing to 'tanggung' the consequences later..after all..that is what we learn in accounting..haha

"life is all about choices and sacrifices", (Fatinn Rahman, 2008)

di Christchurch..saye berasa sgt gembira dapat berjumpe dgn my dear fren Syieq walaupun skejap..thanx a lot Syieq for the pulang dgn puas dan hepi sbb dapat jgak jumpe kamu..maybe skarang nie kalau kte jumpe je mesti skejap kan..mcm mase kamu dtg time Bersatu hari tu..skejap gak..huhu..